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woohooligan Jan 16, 2011
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Hey Kids! This is a strip I illustrated for the Cutting Room. These guys have a bit of a unique concept -- they do the writing and then invite various artists to illustrate the strips, so the art style changes often dramatically from one strip to the next. And I like this strip in particular -- I think it's an important message and the illustration was a real challenge and fun to work on. Looking forward to doing more work with these guys. :D

Here's an article from Popular Mechanics which talks about the process of reconstructing an image of Jesus from forensic evidence that would be more accurate than what most of us have been taught over the years.

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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ThornsInOurSide Jesus Christ! Jesus is Indian!
C Jan 16, 2011
Sir - Ike, you're the man. Thanks so much for contributing!
Archiver Feb 16, 2012
See I don't understand why people don't realize, Jesus was black or brown. HE LIVED IN THE BLOODY DESERT PEOPLE!!! If you weren't brown, you soon will be...or a very lobsterish red
Yep, as Red Foxx (the comedian, in the fame of "Sanford & Son" TV show) has said, "No way a man lives thirty-something years in Jerusalem without a hat and stays white."
Something else that's bothered me too, when depicting the Crucifiction. With virtually no exception, artists painting and sculpting alike, depict Christ as being nailed through his hands, in the middle of his palms.


The Romans were experts at that method of execution...They never nailed anyone through the hands, only the wrists. The reason for that is to prevent the victim from tearing their hands out from under the nails...By nailing through the wrist, in between the 2 bones of the forearm, the victim would have to literally tear off their whole hand, wrist bones and all, to try escaping.
Osk Feb 26, 2013
I think we can put all that down to "artist impressions". They paint what they get paid for, and people liked Jesus to be recognisable 'like them'

Familiarity sells better
no Apr 5, 2013
this isn't completely wrong. every artist depicts Jesus as black, but since this is between Africa and Asia, his skin should indeed have a darker hue. or i could be talking out my ass
Late Reply Feb 23, 2017
Uh.. no they don't - By FAR, most western representations of Jesus (ALL of which are created by artists) render him as a white dude:
woohooligan Feb 24, 2017
woohooligan I think there was a typo in the other guy's comment.
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