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woohooligan Nov 17, 2010
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Once upon a time, vampires were nasty... and then they were nasty and popular... and now they're sexy and popular... zombies are half-way there, having gone from just being nasty to being nasty and popular... it's only a matter of time before someone writes that tween romance series about them. ;P

I usually try to space these out, but to be honest, the previous strip was kind of a setup for this one.

More Nigel the Zombie

Also the word chupacabra translates in English as "goat sucker!" Which I think is also an excellent insult. ;P Now I'm waiting for my next opportunity to call someone a goat-sucker.

This is my last jab at Twilight... at least for a while. ;)

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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The Archiver Feb 16, 2012
That is a terrifying thought....Zombie romance....ugh
passerby Mar 20, 2012
been done - Already happened in both japan and south Korea...only a mater of time before it hits America and Europe.
Lucas Jul 5, 2012
Now you can say "I TOLD YOU SO"
Grimjac100 Jan 20, 2013
Twilight - No, no! Keep jabbing at Twilight! It rates many more jabs than Sugar Ray Leonard threw in his entire boxing career! Heck, use a pitchfork, really get the serious jabs going!
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