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woohooligan Nov 2, 2010
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
EDIT (25 Jan, 2017): Here we are seven years after I published this comic and with Trump now in the White House and republicans feverishly working to repeal Obamacare it turns out to be more relevant than ever.

I'll let you read my original comments below, but long-story short, the reason why the Republicans are having such a hard time producing a plan to "replace" Obamacare is because Obamacare was their idea. The Affordable Care Act was mostly written by republicans, and instead of taking credit for doing the right thing, they decided instead to brand it "Obamacare" and attack and sabotage it at every turn in an attempt to slander the other party.

So, to the Republicans, now that you've spent eight years attacking your own ideas, good luck convincing us that taking away our health insurance is in our best interest.

I've thought of a half-dozen different ways to start these comments, so... here goes nothing. :D

I want to be known for my humor, not my politics... And these political cartoons are very challenging for me because I truly dislike all the spin and the yelling in our public discourse and the last thing I want is to get caught up in it and be part of that problem. So why do I post any political comics at all?

I feel like I have a responsibility to make them... I don't talk to people about politics in person often, in part because when I do people don't let me finish a thought -- they change the subject and try to dominate the conversation to avoid being seen as contributing to a party that's made mistakes. And what's so wrong with making a mistake?! You know, mistakes can be corrected! But only if you admit them.

Anyway, because I don't talk about politics in person, I probably wouldn't talk about politics at all if not in my art. So when I hear that a majority of senior citizens still believe the spin that the newly passed health-care bill includes "death panels" set up to kill them all, I think it would be irresponsible of me to sit back and say nothing and let people be taken advantage of this way.

I'm independent, but I do tend to agree with the Democrats more often when I see debates - and I can and do readily admit that the democrats make a lot of mistakes. They're not organized enough, most of them aren't great public speakers, they're flat wrong when they say guns cause violence (they don't seem to have that effect in Canada), etc. Each party has its problems, but they have very different problems. The biggest problem the Republicans have right now (and one they can absolutely correct) is groupthink. I've mentioned this before. Their 2nd biggest problem is hypocrisy, but they won't be able to solve that problem or any other problem until they solve the groupthink problem.

I want the Republicans to solve their problems... I want their party to be competent and strong again... So does David Frum, who's not only been a republican his entire adult life, but has been an important Republican with many bona fides (he was a freaking speechwriter for Bush!) until he recently dared to pose the ideas in this comic. He was fired from the conservative think-tank the American Enterprise Institute for saying precisely what I'm saying here. Well... part of it. He stopped at "we should have contributed instead of trying to prevent the Democrats from doing anything." Apparently that rather astute observation and useful criticism was too much for the Republicans. At least it was too much for the head of AEI, but none of the other Republican senators seem to have taken much notice of Frum's comments since then either.

What's being shown in this comic however is the very real schism forming between the Rush Republicans and the general public. Regardless of what you've heard about the Tea Party wanting smaller government and lower taxes, the reality is that's NOT what we, the voting public, really want. We want politicians who compromise to get things done! Left right and center, the public (80%) want bipartisan efforts to get things done to improve our economy, our health-care, our schools, etc. And just today I'm hearing Republicans complaining about a lack of bipartisanship on the part of the Democrats. Don't let them fool you -- everything in this comic is 100% accurate. The republicans fled their own health-care reform bill in 1994 like rats leaving a sinking ship, a year after drafting it, because then president Clinton embraced it. Obama's administration drafted a new bill using 2 (count them TWO) Republican plans and 1 bipartisan plan (and ZERO wholly Democratic plans) as the boilerplate for the bill they passed. And now that it's passed, the Republicans have been banging the Repeal and Replace drum harder than ever, insisting that we double-back on THEIR OWN PLANS because they were passed by Democrats. The worst of it all being the claim that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, when it was promoted originally by a couple of different Republican senators. So either they promote laws they know to be unconstitutional, or they're full of shit and just being partisan douchebags focused on infighting instead of solving problems. I'm thinking the latter.

The moral of the story here is hypocrisy will only get you so far. Hypocrisy is annoying at the best of times -- but in the Senate, it's simply unacceptable. It's not what we, the public, want because it doesn't solve any of our problems. I'm not saying we need to get rid of the Republicans. What I am saying is that the the Republicans can complain about being cock-blocked when they stop cock-blocking everyone else from getting things done and start helping solve problems.

(Oddly, despite his charm with the ladies, my mother is a Rush Republican.)

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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fiendishthoughts you make too much sense....and now, post election, I think it's going to get worse for Americans, sorry
The Archiver Feb 16, 2012
I agree fiendish. And I'm glad I'm able to read this. Your comments help give me a bit of background of the situation I actually was not aware of before.

And yeah I've been noticing that. Its really frustrating to look at our parties lately and not want to beat them, and spank this childish behavior out of them. And honestly the Tea Party terrifies me.
Grimjac100 Jan 20, 2013
Republicans - I'm an indepdendant but more in agreement with least what they claim to represent.

In truth, politicians are all in the game for one thing: to STAY in the game. My objection to the health care bill can be summed up by Nancy Pelosi's snide statement: "We have to pass it to know what's in it!" (or words to that effect). That's not how our `representative' government is supposed to work. I may be naive, but I'm a responsible naive person and I don't believe it's anyone's responsibility to provide my health care; it's my own. The current system works; why mess with it? Sure, you can say it's because I'm lucky enough to have a job with good insurance, but honestly...I'm nobody special. If I can land a job with decent benefits, anyone else out there is capable of doing the same. There are already programs and plans available to help those who honestly need help.

And seriously, we can't afford them now, either. You think adding another government program is going to solve a problem? If so, I refer you to the current budget crisis regarding Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. But somehow the government will be able to fund an even more ambitious health care program? Here's a test: mail a package via the Post Office and another via UPS. See which one arrives faster in better shape, then tell me which entity you'd rather be in control of your health.

Though regarding your post: Democrats are not very good at bipartisanship. Witness the fiscal cliff debacle...and, I'm a fraid, many others to come. Currently the Democrats seem to be pointing fingers at Republicans and screaming, "The economy is all their fault!", without considering the Democrats haven't passed a budget in 4 years and never met a spending increase or tax increase they didn't like. Not that Republicans are much better with the tax & spend.

And I notice more hypocrisy among Democrats, honestly. "Ban guns!" while they send their kids to schools with armed guards. "We don't have a spending problem!" while increasing the national debt by record amounts. "We need to work across the aisle together!" while rejecting every Republican proposal flat-out rather than looking at it as a starting point for negotiation. I could go on, but you get the idea.

And no, Republicans aren't any better. I just agree more with their claimed ideals, which is why I generally vote Independent.
woohooligan Jan 21, 2013
woohooligan Hard to believe that you're not a Republican after that rant... that's about the most partisan commentary I've ever read, starting with completely ignoring the fact that the Democrats started their bargaining posture by writing the ACA bill using mostly Republican drafted bills and then saying that this somehow represents a total lack of compromise on their part. Your argument just isn't believable here.
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