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woohooligan Sep 5, 2010
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This strip was essentially written by my oldest daughter, Alex. I took some liberties with the word selection and hand placement, but the concept is the same. She had described the toothbrush as being used as a back-scratcher for an anthro character. ;P

The title "Bad Roommate Tricks" is a parody of "Stupid Pet Tricks". BRT may (or may not) become a running gag in the Woohooligan strip.

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Ani Dec 21, 2012
LOL - I kinda get the idea here, even though your daughter came up with this due to some anthro char using a toothbrush as a ass-scratcher. XD
Anyway there are some overly crazed roommates out there, and each and everyone can almost point a finger at one person in their life as such atrocious roommate XD
woohooligan Dec 21, 2012
woohooligan Thanks, Ani!
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