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woohooligan Mar 24, 2010
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This is a cautionary tale... ;P

So if you're some freaky holiday creature, don't be an interloper like Jack Skellington. Stick to your own holiday or Santa may plant his size 12 boot in your ass. :D

There are so many 300 jokes to be had here, I don't know where to start (or stop). Tonight we dine in Halloween Town. Santa's elves don't retreat and Santa's elves don't surrender. ;P

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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shandr Sep 17, 2010
Bearded Ruler! Red Dragon!
Crown Prince of the Upperworld and Lord of Brightness!
Skrael Sep 22, 2010
Skrael This made me lol and tell Magravan about it. :)
Shelly Feb 9, 2013
I love this comic!!! You made me quite happy when I saw you had Jack!
woohooligan Feb 10, 2013
woohooligan Thanks, Shelly!
sseJy Sep 14, 2015
Santa! Come back with your sleigh or on it! *giggles* dear God you're right the possibilities are endless
woohooligan Sep 14, 2015
woohooligan Thanks!
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