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woohooligan Sep 22, 2018
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Here we are in 2018 in the #metoo era. It's good to see more attention given to accountability for me, although if Brett Kavanaugh's supreme court confirmation hearings are any indication, we've still got a lot of work to do, and I hope we don't let it slide like we did in the 90s.

The evidence of entrenched sexism is fucking everywhere and yet we still have douches like Jordan Peterson claiming it doesn't exist. We've got guys going on TV to talk about how "if Kavanaugh can't be a supreme court justice after trying to rape a girl, then we won't have any leaders at all!" Blech! Not every boy goes through a rape phase, and maybe the ones who do shouldn't be rewarded with a lifetime of deciding what everyone else can or can't do, like rolling back Roe v Wade.

My friend and fellow comedian, Amy Jordan shared this Twitter thread the other day that I found really enlightening... There are a few points where I disagree with very specific details, but I don't feel like those details are important enough to cancel out the overall message. I think one of the more salient points here is that we have the ability to provide a pill contraceptive for men, but the FDA shot it down due to the slight discomfort of a side-effects list that's half the size of the known side-effects for women.

But that's just one small stop on the "push the burden onto women" train. It's become a popular pastime among some men to trick women into unprotected sex by removing the condom in the middle without informing your unsuspecting "partner". And for what? Because it feels slightly better? Like someone just gave you an ice-cream sundae and because they didn't put a cherry on the top, you're going to be a whiny little bitch and thank them by doing something that's going to risk their health, their career, their reputation and possibly even their life. Aren't you a swell guy! You may not be worried the kid is the antichrist like Amity, but after that encounter, I'd wonder if the father wasn't.

But while there are some grabby women who should be called out for sexually harassing or assaulting people, the great majority of it, and especially unwanted pregnancies are caused by men. Condoms are 99% effective at stopping pregnancy and nearly as effective at stopping disease and have ZERO side-effects, and the only reason men aren't using them is because of a slight inconvenience during a few seconds of pleasure. Meanwhile, what happens for women when they call us out for misbehaving? They're not believed, they're blamed for "leading men on", they're accused of lying because they just want to ruin the guy, their reputations are tarnished, etc. On the very rare occasion that a false rape accusation is made, men trot them out as proof that all rape accusations are false. "Your honor, how can we believe that the defendant's business is legitimate when Ponzi schemes... exist?"

So we men need to get a lot better at calling it out when we see it, so the dude-bros in our man-caves get the message that it's wrong and they need to stop.

In other unsolicited penis news, DC created a new DC Black Label imprint aimed at "mature" readers. The premier issue for this new venture is the first issue of Batman: Damned, which opens after someone's murdered the Joker, but all the buzz is about Batman's lil' Wayne, which appears au naturel in one panel. Of course, anyone who's read the Watchmen isn't likely to be impressed, as Dr Manhattan's specimen was frequently examined. But as soon as the issue was published, DC claimed it was a "wardrobe malfunction" and began censoring the digital edition and promised any reprints will also be censored, guaranteed to make this first print a collector's penis. Of course DC couldn't have a more transparent cover story, "oh, sorry, I sent you that dick pic by accident, I swear!" They totally weren't trying to get a rise out of their readers and news media. ;)

It's ironic that DC chose now to go "gratuitous dick pick" on everyone, given that members of ComicsGate are still throwing a fit when they see a picture of a female character without physics-defying cleavage, and calling images of small-breasted heroines "anti-female". As Matt Thrower points out, most images of male superheroes are awfully "anti-male", since they don't all have monster packages sticking out of the panel like a hat-stand. You see, DC, this is what happens when you enter a conversation in the middle. Soon the men in DC comics won't enter a room without banging their junk on the door frame. :P Not to mention the new costumes, like this Power Boy from Cory Walker.

And as long as I'm here, I have to point out this other convention sketch that Cory reblogged on his Tumblr (sorry I can't figure out who the artist is, but this image links to his Tumblr).

Are we sure that cockpit is iron and not wood?

Speaking of ComicsGate, Richard Meyer says he donated $10k to the Trevor Project, who work on suicide prevention for GLBT youth. That's a good thing. What would be better is if it weren't on the heels of calling trans women "dude in a dress" or "joking" that gay people are better off dead for several years. It would be better to contribute to GLBT suicide prevention without first gleefully contributing to that suicide problem, as seen in this First World Problems video from earlier this year. I guess now that a number of comic pros who were previously reticent about it have finally called him out for harassing people, he's changed his mind on SJW causes like the Trevor Project. I appreciate giving to a good cause, I just think he should do more than throw money at his bad reputation. It's like Harvey Weinstein saying, "oh, sorry I sexually harassed those dozens (hundreds?) of women... who do I make the check out to?" It's like the Catholic church selling indulgences -- if that's the bar, we could just install a vending machine in the town hall so any time someone wanted to be a colossal asshole without consequences, they just drop a grand in it.

In personal news, I had a great time at Grand Con in Grand Rapids MI last weekend! :D I met a bunch of great new friends who signed up on our mailing list and you can read more on our Patreon. I also had a small personal racism issue while I was there -- something I didn't realize until I'd already arrived at the event. Can I get your advice on my Tumblr?

Thanks for hanging out with us! Give me a shout on Twitter, let me know what you're working on, maybe I can help! :D

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