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woohooligan Sep 6, 2018
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Hey, Hooligan! This week's been chaotic...

Speaking of child-rearing challenges, Tuesday I had to take my middle daughter to the airport. She went back to Texas to stay with family members she hates and has never lived with before. Why she thinks it will be different this time, I'm not sure. Red flags started immediately when we realized on the day of her flight that when we asked her for her departure time to put in our calendars, she instead gave us her ARRIVAL time. I lied, red flags started a month ago when she announced her plan to go.

We got her to the airport entrance at exactly the time her flight began boarding. The woman at the American Airlines desk was nice and after informing us that we'd missed the cut-off for Calli's luggage, she reissued her ticket for a later flight without charging her. Calli had to wait six hours at the airport for her new flight and when I got home from a game night with some friends later that evening, we got a frantic call from her, unable to figure out how to find her uncle Richard in the DFW airport parking garage. Yesterday Tiff got another four frantic phone calls about various problems Calli was having, like errors on her phone, to which we could only say, "take it to your carrier's store, they fix phones".

For all of this hassle and with no real plan to find work, she left a house her parents own, low rent and a good, union job at a grocery store only a mile from home. Tiff and I were fairly certain this was a mistake, but she's an adult and we can't do any more than express our concerns and hear that familiar refrain, "I know what I'm doing." Of course you do, so did we when we were your age and fucking ourselves over for years to come, that's what your early 20s are for. :P

Of course any time things don't work exactly the way Calli wants them to it's because other people are stupid, it's never because she didn't prepare. I fully admit the extra I had to pay for shipping on my recent Kickstarter is because I neglected to double-check with a post-office employee if my assumptions about the international forever stamps were correct. I'm not sure why Calli doesn't seem able to do that, whether it's her age, taking after her mother, or if it's because we did a bad job teaching her to accept her mistakes. Or maybe she's just posessed by some kind of ego demon like Lucifer. :P (He is the Prince of Pride after all.)

Also yesterday, I was going to be on the Naked Diner comedy podcast with Andrew Scott Hall and Jack Matirko around noon-ish, but it got postponed until Friday. Which was fine, my schedule is usually the most flexible of my friends, so moving it to Friday was no problem, and I used the day to finish this comic page. Today Tiff had to go with Alex to one of her pregnancy appointments and I had a therapy session where, mid-session I realized that I'd forgotten to prepare this week's newsletter on Tuesday. D'oh! So between watching a couple movies with Tiffany and Alex today and recording the podcast with Andy and Jack tomorrow, I still need to try and get a newsletter out.

The week before, the city put one of those "we're going to mow your lawn and fine you" signs in our yard, because the kids weren't doing the yard properly and leaving 6-foot tall weeds by our fence and back wall. I got out with the edger myself in 90+degree weather on the last day before the fine, and I wouldn't mention it here at all, except that because the diabetes compromises my immune system, I caught a cold. And of course with a compromised immune system I could barely get any work done for several days for fear of relapsing (any illness lasts longer and is harder to recover from), though I did get some of this page drawn.

Thankfully I'm finally done shipping all the physical rewards from the Woohooligan vol 2 Kickstarter in June. I got the last books in the mail mid-to-late August. Next weekend I'll be driving up to Grand Con in Grand Rapids Michigan to share a table with my friend Ryan Wellever who's working on his Lands of Azrilith series. Ryan's never tabled a convention before, I haven't tabled one in a while and I've never been to Grand Con (which is a gaming con rather than a comic con).

Thankfully I've got two books now, which is nice. It's a lot harder to present your ware when there's just the one and you're standing at the table like, "hey, I made a thing!" To me it even feels a little awkwardly vulnerable, because you're kind of hanging your hopes that everyone will like this one thing you have to show. Now at least I can say, "hey, I survived the first thing long enough to do it again! And you can reject me twice!" Wish me luck! :D

As an artist, of course you're never entirely happy with your work, but I feel like I did a pretty good job on this page. I have some personal issues with the backgrounds and the foreshortening, some of which is made more difficult by the bobble-headedness of my illustration style. :P But overall, I feel like I did a good job conveying the body language I wanted.

Usually I enjoy writing a stream of consciousness in these comments when I publish a new page. Like Twitter and Facebook, it's an opportunity to practice my improv comedy skills. This week I'm in a bit of a rush and most of the things I want to say about this page are things I should probably save for the next page where Amity and Lu discuss Asmodeus, the five-hundred-millenium old virgin, and his lame pick-up-artist tricks. Other than that, if you know Lucifer is the Prince of Pride, then his making everything about himself should be self-explanatory. If you're new here, the reputation he's trying to preserve is that he's gay (as evidenced by his wardrobe).

I hope you're having an awesome week! Leave me a ccomment below, let me know how it's been! What other comics are you enjoying lately? What projects are you working on?

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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