Slouch to Bethlehem - part 15
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woohooligan Aug 26, 2018
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Hey, Hooligan! I finally got all the physical rewards from the latest Kickstarter sent out! So hopefully these pages will become more consistent again. :D

What can I say? This story already established that the bible isn't infallible. But just because Amity heard that from Jesus himself, that doesn't do much for her anxiety about carrying the antichrist.

It's an interesting quirk of our psychology that the boy who cried wolf isn't just lying when he says there's a wolf, he's really lying no matter what he says. At least that's what the rest of the townsfolk think. "I heard the next town over has this new invention called a musket. They say it's really good for dealing with wolves." Yeah right, kid, whatever.

The National Enquirer could have the most solid evidence in history for a real conspiracy and nobody would believe them, no matter how much they wanted to. They could say they have Trump's Tax Returns and nobody would notice.

But the reality is that even when people are frequent liars, a large amount of what they say is still true. A con artist can't really take you for a ride without feeding you a fair amount of truth mixed in with their lies. Alex Jones whole business is scary bullshit, but he can't get people to spend their money on chicken-bone vitamin supplement shakes without first referencing a lot of things you know are real like FEMA and Thomas Jefferson.

In other news, this past week I published a new blog on my Tumblr about ComicsGate and how their behavior compares to that of cult groups.

Zen and the Cult of Personality: a ComicsGate Story

Next month, September 14-16, I'll be sharing a table with my friend Ryan Wellever at Grand Con in Grand Rapids Michigan! :D

I think in the near future I might record a new video for our Patreon page. I've made about three or four comedy videos for our YouTube channel in the past few months, now that I have the video camera I got for the Kickstarter. Check them out!

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