Slouch to Bethlehem - part 13
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woohooligan Dec 27, 2017
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Yes, Lucifer's misogyny gets worse. You can't have expected any different, right? :P

Also, this is fairly normal for pregnancy... at least that's what I heard from my ex-wife.

Instead of my usual stream of consciousness here, I'd like to share a comedy blog with you that I sobbed uncontrollably while writing. :B It's a 19 minute read, about the cost of working toward my better self. You can see that here.

I still have some things to say about misogyny and the #MeToo movement and all our hopes that we'll be able to create and keep real social change on this front. Until I have a little more time to write out those thoughts, enjoy an article on that subject from this retweet of mine from earlier today:

In other news, don't forget that I'm giving away some free promotion for other creators in March. The Kickstarter for my next two books will start March 6th and because I know I'll be getting more exposure during that time, I want to use the opportunity to give some other creators a little bump as well.

So if you're an artist, a comic creator, a comedian, whatever, and you'd like an Artist Spotlight some time in March, let me know what you'd like to promote and how best to contact you, and I'll get in touch with you closer to March with more details. This announcement is also pinned on our Facebook page and on my Twitter.

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