Slouch to Bethlehem - part 12
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woohooligan Dec 10, 2017
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Frankly, the next few pages of this story scare me. I know, I said that before when I wrote the short passage with Trayvon Martin (who may or may not reappear in later pages, I'm not making any commitments), and it turned out those pages with him were some of the most shared pages of my comic last year. Well... I still have those anxieties.

I've planned for a while now to include this story arc in which Amity is carrying Lucifer's baby. Obviously the notion of an antichrist is steeped in Christian tradition, so it's not tremendously unexpected here. That's not the part that scares me though. I made Lucifer gay originally because he's the Prince of Pride (all the princes of hell are embodiments of one of the seven deadly sins), and so it was unlikely he would voluntarily impregnate a woman. ( And perhaps that's part of the reason why it's taken so many thousands of years for him to have a child. :P ) So the story went that Amity got him drunk and had her way with him, which, if I'm not mistaken is generally considered "date rape", and Steve confronted her on that point in a previous page.

This notion that I had written a comedy story featuring a date-rape, even though the rapist was a woman, was something I already felt a fair amount of anxiety about... but it was probably over a year ago now that I had this pregnancy arc in mind. And now that we're here, Amity and Lucifer need to have this conversation about what happened between them and about what will happen with their baby, the antichrist. I never expected when I started down this path, that I would be publishing this story where characters are discussing rape in a comedy story, with sexual assault being in all the newspaper headlines on a weekly if not daily basis.

I want to make it clear that I think "men's rights activists" (MRA) are pretty silly and un-woke people. I've read some of their rhetoric in passing and it's just sad. You'll hear one of them talk about how oppressed they are because there are men who will accept a woman with any body type, but that men are expected to look like an Adonis, blissfully unaware of the "dad bod" craze that swept the news stands just two years ago in 2015. I'm not sure if I should confront them or just lob dick jokes at them and move on.

But giving that disclaimer doesn't really help my anxiety. I do have a few things I'd like to say about sexual assault. Some them are things I've only learned recently, and for which I'm grateful for all the women who've shared their stories. Some of them are events that have affected me and my friends directly, and my wife Tiffany specifically. And I don't feel like any of the things I'll say in these comments will reflect badly on me, but I still worry that some people might infer that I'm some kind of MRA from the comic pages, and either not read, or not be swayed by my commentaries.

But I guess, as I said before when I was working on the Trayvon Martin passage, sometimes we have to bleed for our art. Thank you all for reading, you are awesome! And I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season! :D

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