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woohooligan Jul 17, 2017
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
They grow up so fast don't they? It was just 30 years ago we saw little link taking his first sword from the old man. Back then the Nintendo console was huge, loading these grate big chunky cartridges and they had hardly any power at all. Graphics were just one part of the serious limits on the first Legend of Zelda. The bokoblins could shoot arrows, but that was about it.

The latest Zelda: Breath of the Wild shows so much attention to detail! The bokoblins still shoot arrows, and now you can pick those arrows up off the ground! If you shoot a barrel of explosives with regular arrow, it doesn't explode, it's just a barrel with an arrow stuck in it. If you see something hanging from a rope, you can shoot through the rope to drop it. You can climb, and not just where there's a ladder, you can climb just about anything. And you can swim! And there's finally a jump button!

All that's nice. But the nicest detail has to be buck naked Link! Accumulating equipment has been a part of the Zelda games from the beginning. You start with the sword and then you have to get the bow, the ring, the raft, etc... But this is the first time the game has introduced a STICK! In all the previous versions, the only way you could get a stick is if it was magical in some way. Lame! But now everything is a collectible object. So obviously, the first task has to be dressing yourself. I can't wait for forthcoming Zelda games where you start out as a baby and your first task will be getting mom's attention because you're hungry or need your diaper changed. Learning to walk is going to be so cool!

In all seriousness, Breath of the Wild is a pretty cool game. There is a lot of attention to detail and it is pretty cool to be able to knock weapons out of monsters' hands and then collect them in the middle of the fight, rather than waiting for the last monster to explode before the reward is revealed.

I want to give a warm welcome to our four new mailing list subscribers and two new Facebook friends over the last weekend! You guys are awesome and I hope you'll come hang out and chat with us in the comments. If you get a minute, I'd love to hear your thoughts on our Patreon page, and help us make it the best we can. :D

A really cool thing happened this weekend! Finances were frustrating me in recent months. Despite keeping up with all the maintenance (and still owing on it), the transmission failed in our van around the beginning of the year. I'm told that's common from Dodge, so they've lost me as a customer. That by itself wouldn't have been so bad, except that we had just taken on a loan to fix all the windows in our house (since all of them were broken). I gratefully accepted that loan when they shocked the hell out of us and approved it on our credit. The new windows are super efficient and cut down on our heating and cooling costs, so that helps, but when you add the new car payment, it decimated our promotional budget. We went from about $100-150/mo on promotional efforts to about $50. In the past couple of months it's been even harder -- we had a smashed rear tail light and bumper cover and then Tiff's seat-belt broke, and the mechanics were telling us we had $1,000-1,800 in repairs.

That's when the cool thing happened. I play in a couple of tabletop RPG groups, and my friend Andy from our Firefly game volunteered to help me with the car repairs. It turns out that the Buick Rainieer (the only car we seemed able to get credit for) hasn't been manufactured since 2007. Having sold poorly and being out of production for ten years, finding parts is tough. So Andy took the time to go drive to a junkyard in Cincinnati with me (an hour away) to get what must be the only passenger seat for this car in a hundred miles. The tail light and the seat were just under $60 dollars, which was awesome, because the best seat I cound find online was $350 (ironically, despite the weight and complexity, the same price as the bumper cover). Then Andy shocked the hell out of me again by paying for it out of his pocket! And then he helped me replace the parts. (I could have done it myself, but it was really cool that he took the time to help.) And we got all of that done a lot faster than I expected, it only cost me a quarter tank of gas, and I was able to get to my other D&D game even a little early on Sunday, a game I thought I would mostly if not entirely miss. :D

On the way back from the junkyard, Andy explained that he wanted to help me out and he had looked at our Patreon page, but he said he couldn't pledge much, and he felt like a real douche at the thought of pledging a dollar. :P I told him to be honest, I would probably feel the same way about pledging a dollar on the Patreon for an offline friend. Having said that, I think there was a little misunderstanding on .

First, although I've asked them all to check it out, I wasn't expecting any of my offline friends to pledge on my Patreon. Certainly, any of us who have one are hoping that people will pledge (that is why we set them up), but when I ask friends and people online to look over my Patreon, I'm not expecting a pledge, I'm just asking people to give me their thoughts to help me make it better. If they pledge, that's a wonderful bonus! :D

The second part is that I don't think he realized that the dollar pledge is really my strategy for the Patreon in general, so that $60 he spent helping me with parts was five YEARS worth of what I'd have liked on a Patreon pledge. ;) I understand that finances are tight for most of us and while I would certainly appreciate a $100 pledge, I'd much rather have a hundred $1 pledges. I don't want anyone to ever feel like Woohooligan is a burden for them. So strategically, that's my goal is to find the biggest family I can. I want a whole bunch of crazy, fun-loving laughter junkies who all contribute in some small way, whether that's with a dollar pledge or good old comeraderie, chatting here and on Twitter and Facebook. :D And although Andy said he was happy to help me out with short-term problems like the car repairs, even told me to let him know if he could help with anything else, now I sort of feel like I shouldn't ask him for anything until 2022. :P (Although admittedly, I didn't ask for his help with the car, he just volunteered, which was super-aweseome.) And I told him it was mutual, he could always ask me if he needed help with anything -- not that he's ever needed software engineering, comedy or cartooning help. :P

So that does make me wonder... how many people choose not to pledge the dollar, not because they literally can't or because they don't want to support us, but because pledging at that small amount makes them feel bad? You really shouldn't! I'm serious guys, the dollar is what I want! That's why I make all those bonus pages just for patrons even at that dollar level! There's something else I want though, even more than the dollar, and this is something I know you can do. I want you to chat with us in the comments, Facebook and Twitter. And I want you to share the comics with your friends! We do get a bunch of shares already, and that's great, but every bit helps! :D

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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QuietClayton Jul 17, 2017
QuietClayton Pink panties? - Should he get a spork WITH those pink panties?
woohooligan Jul 21, 2017
woohooligan Oh, I must have been tired when I saw this comment before! Ha! I didn't get it right away... I just realized what you meant, in relation to the earlier conversation about using a spork as a weapon. heh... Yeah, I'd take the spork over the stick. ;)
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