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woohooligan Jun 30, 2017
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Hey, hooligans! I thought I'd give everybody a little palate cleanser between all the Trump stuff and the Hellbent story about Amity carrying a possible antichrist. Hmmm... the weirdest thing about that is it doesn't feel weird saying "Trump" and "antichrist" in the same sentence. :P

If you're looking for some more comedy from me, I wrote this blog about why I review webcomics. There's some schadenfreude, a few dick jokes, and a dude who thinks we can't tell when he's jerking off in the room next to us.

My daughter, Calli, turned eighteen recently and she's on her first job at Kroger's ClickList curbside service where you order online and show up at the store just for the staff to load your groceries in your car. It's a nice service and the $5 is a fair price for reclaiming what's inevitably one to two hours of time that I can use to make these comics. Tiff and I still have concerns about Calli in the working world, but we're going to wait and see what problems come up rather than having a pre-emptive freak-out. :P

I took Calli to a blood drive the other day. Her blood is O-positive, so the local vampires find her especially tasty, but she's apparently often anemic and you're not allowed to donate when you're iron deficient. So she'd been obsessively trying to find foods high in iron prior to donation. I told her an anvil was her best bet, but she wasn't having it. It didn't matter, because they turned her blood down for being seven pounds under their minimum weight. Calli was surprisingly angry about it on the way home and mentioned that they said she wouldn't be able to donate until at least the following day. So here we are, she's worried about her iron and she needs to gain seven pounds in twenty-four hours... so I told her, "perfect! Plenty of time for you to get home and swallow that anvil!" One hopes that the blood draw is performed by Bugs and not by Elmer Fudd or any of the other staff members.

In any event, I'm publishing this just two hours before midnight on the 30th, so obviously it's my last comic for the month. I managed to produce six full pages this month: one page of Hellbent, four pages in last week's Trump comic and this. You want to see more of these right? So pledge a dollar on our Patreon page, or if you really don't have a dollar to spare, share the Patreon page with your friends!

You Hooligans are awesome, keep at it!


You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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