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woohooligan Jun 10, 2017
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Everybody has different priorities... Some people really want to live in giant mansions full of marble and gold, like Mar-a-Lago. Those kinds of places honestly make me really uncomfortable. And I know sometimes people will say that and then secretly pine for that kind of wealth, but not me. There is NO PART of me that likes the idea of owning a giant marble-floored ballroom with crystal chandeliers. That sort of thing is barely even tolerable when it's a hotel and even then they make me uncomfortable. I'm not sure it's entirely because of the moral implications, although that would be enough. As long as there are hungry people in the world, much less in my own country, that kind of gratuitous vanity stroking isn't just ridiculous, it's horrible.

And we don't all agree on children either. I certainly believe (unlike Trump and many Republicans), that children should eat and see the doctor (CHIP and SNAP), and that we shouldn't punish children because we're trying to teach their parents some kind of paternalistic lesson about responsibility. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who say that "childfree" couples are selfish assholes for not having children, and to that I also call bullshit. There's nothing inherently wrong with not having your own children, even if you're not adopting. There's nothing wrong with just wanting to contribute to the world in other ways, and having even one child inevitably takes time and money and makes it harder to work on those other goals. And I'm not saying all childfree couples are curing cancer, I'm sure there are a lot of them who are just hanging out in marble palaces and drinking champagne on rugs made from the skin of endangered animals... the point I'm making is the two things aren't related. Plenty of good people don't want children, like the gay dude who helps pass his own genes along by babysitting for his brothers and sisters and making it easier for them to have more kids. And plenty of collossal assholes have children. Joseph Stalin was a monstrous mass-murderer and had children. Every Mafia don has had children and a lot of them were loving, doting fathers, in the in-between times when they weren't smashing someone's fingers with a ball-peen hammer. Donald Trump has children who he alternatively ignores, manipulates or creepily jokes about wanting to lay-pipe in. Having children or wanting them just isn't any indication of the quality of a person's character.

I do think it's sort of ironic and chuckle-inducing that a lot of the people who describe themselves as childfree say they're doing it to help address "the population explosion". I say it's ironic because most of those people live in first-world countries that don't have any problems with rampant population growth. Most first-world countries have very little population growth and a few of the smaller ones like Poland even have negative growth and have been struggling to deal with that. The parts of the world that have population growth problems are third-world countries and the reason for that issue is because of extreme poverty, lack of quality health-care, and in particular a lack of access to education for women in those countries. When women have access to higher education, surprise, surprise, they become career oriented, and as I've mentioned before, even one child takes a lot of time and money and makes it harder to do other things. So when they get a good secondary education, they develop a career and they have fewer children, and the population explosion problem solves itself. So in essence, people here in America saying "I'm childfree so I don't add to the population problem" is kind of like me saying "I use LED lightbulbs, because there's too much black-lung disease already."

Speaking of Trump, I won't dig too deeply into this, you can Google it for yourself, but I just wanted to mention briefly that while everyone was glued to the Comey hearings, Trump and the Republicans tried to use it as a smokescreen to hide the fact that they repealed much of the Dodd-Frank legislation. This really shouldn't have come as any surprise, and the silver lining here is that thanks to social media like Twitter and Facebook, their smokescreen didn't work! Yay! Because there were all kinds of people posting about their bullshit on Twitter, despite their efforts to slide it under the rug. So yes, it's bad, and it means more work for the rest of us who want a better, more just world, however, it's also evidence that we're already creating that better world right now. :D

In other news, I had my first podcast interview! You can check that out here and if you like murder mysteries, give Amber's writing a look! I stammered so much! LOL! I'd also like to remind everyone that I'm now offering reviews of webcomics on my Tumblr. You can check out my reviews and if you're a webcomic creator, my rules for submissions here. I may also be publishing a guest-article or two on Capeless Crusaders, so check them out.

Lastly, I'd like to ask you all a favor. I recently overhauled the Woohooligan Patreon page and while more pledges would be great, at this moment, I'd just like to ask you fine hooligans to give it a quick read and let me know what you think? While I'm pretty happy with this current version, there's certainly always room for improvement! :D

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