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woohooligan Dec 18, 2016
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Happy Holidays everyone!

I have a bit of a confession to make. Not every dollar pledged to my Patreon is spent on food, bills or other things that directly contribute to me making comics. Sometimes I engage in... charity. I know, I know... filthy habit, but I can't seem to shake it. A few years ago right after Tiff and I moved to Dayton, we picked up a hitchhiker on our way across town and when we asked where he was headed, he said Cincinnati, which is an hour's drive. In a Prius, we'd have been set, but Tiff and I were driving a gas-guzzling Dodge Caravan. It was rather cold outside and Tiff and I made the mistake of putting ourselves in his shoes and imagining how horrible that trek would be in the cold. So we decided to eat the two hours and $20 in gas and drive him the whole way. He seemed nice enough, although not a talker.

A few days ago, we had another similar experience. Tiff and I were taking my mother to work because her car broke down last week. Unfortunately my mom neglected to get her work badge out of her car when the tow-truck driver picked it up, so Tiff and I agreed to drive the mile or so from her work to the mechanic to fetch that. It had rained the night before and then frozen, so the roads were covered in ice and on the way back from the mechanic, we encountered a white Jeep that had slipped on the ice and plowed into a telephone pole.

So Tiff and I did what we usually do, we stopped to ask if we could help. Derrell and his daughter, Elana, were on their way to drop off some paperwork pertaining to Elana's Army enlistment when it happened. The two of them hadn't been able to reach a 9-11 operator on their cells, so Tiff called and got through. While we were waiting for an emergency crew, a police officer drove past (slowed down and looked), but decided not to stop. WTH? Derrell and Elana were both thankfully walking around, but Elana had some pain in her hip, so we offered to drive them to the hospital to save them an ambulance (and associated fee). At first they wanted to wait for the emergency crew, but the crew seemed to be taking a long time, so they eventually decided to go on to the hospital to make sure she wasn't seriously injured (which she thankfully wasn't). In the long run unfortunately calling 9-11 ended up hurting them instead of helping because the police decided to immediately tow their car to the impound instead of waiting an hour for Derrell to come back and get his mechanic to tow it. But that unfortunate outcome isn't the reason why I'm mentioning it.

The thing is I enjoy helping people. I feel good when I help people, and Derrell and Elana were incredibly grateful that someone stopped and helped. And I have to consider that it's a bit of luck that we found them at all at 6am that morning, because on any normal day, I wouldn't have been driving. If my mom hadn't forgot her badge, if her car hadn't broke down, I wouldn't have been on that street, or we could have been an hour later or just taken a different route. So I feel especially compelled to help when serendipity seems to put me in the moment. I don't really see it as a big deal, even though the several hours we spent helping them postponed this comic you just read... but it's nice to remember that it really doesn't take much, just a little bit of your time and care, to help someone out and be their Christmas miracle, if only for a few minutes or hours.

So that's my deal. If you expect me to be the kind of guy who will take your pledge and spend every waking second of my life just thinking about myself and my work, then I'm not your guy. If you pledge to my Patreon, I have to let you know that your dollar or two may occasionally help me help someone else in their hour of need.

In other news, December so far has been really hard for Tiffany and I. Our washing machine died the week before my mom's car died, and while my mom helped us replace it, doing that tapped her out financially. And then since my mom's car died, I've had to drive her to and from work again, which has also gotten in the way of my work here, and stretched our finances even further. So a Christmas miracle of our own would be pretty awesome about now... there is a bit of a silver lining. Unbeknownst to us, the food-bank we've been using recently apparently has an annual Christmas event where they give a number of families a gift card to help them get gifts for Christmas, and we were selected. If it hadn't been for that, Tiff and I wouldn't have been able to get gifts for our kids or anyone else this year.

Anyway, I'm not giving up. I'm still working. I've got at least one other Christmas comic I'm going to make next week, maybe two of them before I return to Amity's story.

I hope your holidays are fantastic! What holidays do you celebrate? Christmas? Hanukkah? Yule? Kwanzaa? And how have your holidays been so far? Have you done anything different this year? Is there a tradition you're looking forward to?

Stay awesome, Hooligans!

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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