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woohooligan Nov 29, 2016
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
This is an old question from philosophy classes, the world over. Is it okay to kill baby Hitler? It illustrates the dilemma of utilitarian ethics, in which the value of an action is considered to be good (and the action should be undertaken) if the net result of outcomes from it are positive. It's also illustrated by the Trolley Problem, which tends to devolve into cryptic discussions about why the trolley was so poorly engineered and just exactly how fat is that guy on the bridge? In any event, by utilitarian reasoning you can justify all sorts of horrible things like murdering babies, if you believe the end result of that action will be a net positive for the world around that action.

So bearing that in mind... okay, so maybe it's not okay to kill baby Hitler, but is it okay to troll him? Ahh, now these are ethical waters of a different viscosity. I know what Kant would say... he'd say that it's only okay to troll someone if it's okay for everyone to constantly troll everyone else, everywhere, at all times... Kant was a cunt. Then again, so are the trolls... So all things considered, I'll take a pass on the trolling.

But you know what they say... those who don't remember history...

In other news, this will be my last comic update in November. Although it's only the third update, it brings the total number of pages I've drawn this month to eight. I have kind of a love-hate relationship with these longer comics -- I love making them, but that means I'm updating less often, which I'm told is bad for helping me grow my audience. I decided to go with this Hitler sketch because it's an idea that's been in my head for a while and I was looking for something that I could hammer out quickly to get it done within the month. Yay! Also, I felt like this joke worked well with a more simplified style more like Channelate or Amazing Superpowers. I certainly could have given it all my usual detail, but I didn't feel it would really add anything to the joke. So here it is! :D

Thanks to all my wonderful patrons for helping me bring you these laughs full-time! If you're not yet a patron, as little as $1/month helps me out and gets you access to all my bonus comics, NSFW art and more. Check it out here! :D

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