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woohooligan Nov 14, 2016
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
I've said several times before that I don't want to be known as a political cartoonist... despite the fact that I'm a huge fan of John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Sam Bee, John Oliver, Larry Wilmore and several of the other Daily Show alumni. I've seen loads of political cartoons over the years and I've never seen a political cartoonist who stayed above the fray. Political cartoons are almost always "how can I insult other people's political party?" (There are some exceptions: RIP Charlie Hebdo.) And while they may not intend it, that means political cartooning is always INCREDIBLY divisive mud-slinging, and that's not how I want to be remembered. In a perfect world, I'd want people to say my laughter brought us together. Yes, this comic and my other comments have been anti-Trump however, my opposition to Trump is NOT because he's a Republican (which he's only been for a couple years). My opposition to Trump is because he's a collosal dick. I would have opposed him if he'd run as a Democrat or a Libertarian or a Green... Okay, probably not as a third-party candidate, but only because they can be safely ignored... but I certainly never would have supported him.

Tiffany and I decided not to watch the election coverage a week ago on election night. We knew a lot of people would be watching TV, chewing their fingers down to bloody nubs, waiting for the results. We decided since we'd already voted, there wasn't any use in us getting ourselves all tied up in knots over it. We'd already done what we could, we thought we'd tear the band-aid off quickly. And so we did. We took a break on election night, watching TV and making love. We knew that if things went badly, it would be quick for us the next morning... when I woke up to a sea of my fans and friends blogs and social media, angry, sad, literally SOBBING to the internet about Trump's electoral college win. And despite my already being a little depressed the previous week about my own situation around my 42nd birthday on the 5th and a year in which, thanks to massive personal setbacks, I'd achieved all of 4% of my only goal for the year... but none of that mattered, because I couldn't just sit idly by while so many of my friends are obviously hurting and afraid. So I pushed aside my own frustrations with the creative direction of my comedy in the hopes that I might offer some comfort in a very difficult time.

You are not alone. We are all here with you... Trump and his most devout supporters made a lot of claims, and like most of them, "candidate of the people" just isn't at all true. Nearly half of our country decided that this election was so horrible they just said "fuck it" and stayed home and didn't vote at all. Those who stayed and voted our conscience, were split nearly down the middle and Hillary won the popular vote by a RAZOR-thin margin of a few hundred thousand votes. If there had been a "candidate of the people", they would have won in a landslide, not by still being in the bar at last call and there being no other options. So if nothing else, we did all come together and say one thing: fuck you both. On the surface that doesn't seem too inspiring, but when you dig a little deeper, it's reason to hope.

Why didn't we turn out to vote? Truthfully, most of us didn't vote because we're good people. On one side it might have been in solidarity with people of different religions, ethnic backrounds, or sexual orientations, or it might have been for the basic human decency that men and women should be treated as equals. Maybe we couldn't look our children in the eye and tell them we voted for someone who disrespected people like that. On the other side, it might have been because we want all the violence to end and we can't bring ourselves to vote for someone we know has repeatedly promoted military intervention. Reining ourselves in may not stop the violence, but we can at least avoid contributing. Or maybe we couldn't continue to vote for someone we felt represented the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle-class. We could argue back and forth about which candidate or party does these things more, but haven't we done that song and dance enough? Hasn't it gotten old?

By choosing not to vote, nearly half of us came together to declare "we're better than this!" And I believe we are. We were asked to "just concede" and "choose the lesser evil" and we said no. We chose the road less travelled, and that can be a good thing. The challenge now is that the road less travelled is the harder road. It really didn't matter whether Clinton or Trump won this election, the next four years are going to be hard, because only a quarter of us could bring ourselves to vote for either of them. That means MOST Americans, one way or the other, will be guaranteed to at least dislike, if not downright loathe our Commander in Chief, because we feel they don't live up to the high expectations we have for ourselves and for our country. That means our hearts are in the right place. We do deserve better than this. And somehow, out of all that frustration with this shit-show, we will come together and love and care for one another.

I know it's probably hard to see that right now in this moment just a week after the election. I know that there's been a surge in hate-crimes, just like after Brexit, from that small handful of real racists. They managed to see a marginal (and only technical) win for a candidate who may have supported them or may just have been bullshitting (as he's apt to do), as widespread support for their hate. Although this will pass in time, the coming weeks will be challenging. So if you see something happening, get in the way -- hopefully before it gets violent. Don't address the people creating the problem if you don't have to, just ignore them and engage their potential victim in polite conversation. Use your phone to record video of the event if possible. Offer to help them get where they're going or to a hospital or a safe space and don't insist. For more on this, here's an article about how to help de-escalate bad situations (also with a short comic).

And know that I am here for you. If you need someone to talk to, the easiest way to reach me is a direct message on my Twitter, my Facebook, or my DeviantArt.

The past few months I've started the month with a bonus page for my Patreon supporters. This being the first comic for November, this would have been the bonus page, but I put that aside for this instead. I'm still hoping to produce some bonus material for Patreon, although I'm not sure exactly when or what it will be yet. Of course, if you felt like this comic helped you in some small way and you'd like to help me make more comedy, I'm always grateful for all the wonderful help and support I receive. It doesn't have to be a pledge to the Patreon (although to date I haven't figured out a way to not eat), I'm equally grateful for everyone who shares my work online on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere.

Thank You!


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Noah Johnson Nov 21, 2016
Inspiration - I'm not a big believer in inspirations, but this here is really huge. These words are seriously helping me, and my friends, get through all this crap that's already happening. Thanks bro, for being a true artist and inspiration through this time.
woohooligan Dec 11, 2016
woohooligan Man, I thought I had replied to this a while ago... I guess I replied to you over on one of my social medias (Facebook?) and I forgot to reply here... D'oh! Well that's embarrassing. Anyway, thanks so much for the comment, Noah, I really appreciate it! Comments from friends like you really help keep me going! :D
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