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woohooligan Oct 27, 2016
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We all know there are plenty of double-standards to go around... or do we? As a once-divorced father of three who spent nearly a decade struggling under the weight of a bad court ruling, I know first-hand that gender bias doesn't always favor men. But as hard as those years were, and as much as I believe we need reform in family law, I still know that's the exception to the rule.

Some people, however, just never seem to get the memo. It only takes a moment with Google to find someone flaunting the slap example. It goes like this: if a woman slaps someone nobody thinks much of it; if a man slaps a woman, he's a monster; and if a man slaps a man, everybody wonders who decided to bring back the Victorian duel. So sure, there's one small example of an area where gender bias favors women, but it by no means makes up for the shit women have to deal with. And seriously, if that's your example, what are you trying to say exactly? "If only we lived in a world were I could hit women!" Ah, yes, the good old days. :-/

It's somewhat disheartening to discover that of the first twenty-someodd results of a Google image search for the phrase "sexist double-standard", a good three-quarters of them are men whining about trivial bullshit like the slap example. It's like these people have never heard of science or something. It's not the fact that these blogs exist that bothers me, that's free speech, they're entitled. What bothers me is that they're the HOT TOPICS for that search! On Google... which means those are the blogs that are getting attention, instead of the experiments showing that women are offered fewer science jobs at lower salaries, etc.

Sex positivity is just one part of the much larger puzzle of gender equality. As a man, I can only talk about slut-shaming by proxy, by way of the women I've known who've been called prude for not "putting out", or "whore" or "slut" when they do. I know I'm not the first person to point out this particular double-standard. I've been hearing people talk about this since I was in my teens, and unfortunately it still seems to be as much a problem today. My mom told me she didn't think there were any women who used the word "slut" in a positive way. I guess she's not heard about Amber Rose and her Slut Walk last year in Los Angeles.

I'm dead serious when I say I can't see any reason why either of these words should be insults. Why slut? Because a woman likes sex? Nobody says anything bad about me because I like sex! Why whore? Because a woman offers sex as a service? If you LIKE sex, then why on earth would you have a problem with someone selling it? Hell, it's a renewable resource! The only objection I think has even a shot at merit is the association with human trafficking (which, by the way, we should all still be calling slavery). But that argument is also fundamentally flawed: prostitution doesn't CAUSE slavery. You know what causes slavery? Slave traders! Dun, dun, dun! If we follow the logic of not allowing prostitution because of slave trade, then I guess we also need to outlaw candy and teddy-bears on account of pedophiles! Sorry kids, you know how it is, one bad candied apple... In the words of George Carlin, "selling is legal... fucking is legal... why isn't selling fucking legal?!"

The reality is that outlawing sex trade isn't stopping the slavery, but it is preventing people who've chosen sex work from getting proper police protection. And unfortunately, it's also helping to prop-up the slave trade, because eliminating any legal competition reduces the supply and increases the amounts their clients are willing to pay.

So I'm always happy to see women embracing their sexuality (or lack of), in whatever form that may take, and not taking anyone's shit. (See what I did there?)

In other news, I've been a little extra busy this past week. My mom got a new job with a security company here in Dayton and I'm driving her to work until she gets her car tuned up or figures out the bus route. Apparently none of the local companies were hiring for commissioned guards, which means she's starting over again at the bottom of the pay scale here in Ohio and with a new company. But at least she's out of that horrible neighborhood in Dallas where she was mugged and a neighbor was shot.

My own budget issues persist for the moment. We did find someone to help us with marketing, but I haven't been able to afford to pay him yet this month due to some unexpected expenses in October. My birthday is on the fifth, just three days before the election. Maybe it'll come with a surprise that will help me pay for some of that marketing help. :D There have been two more patrons this month, which is super cool! And if you'd like to see more of these comics, obviously you can help out too, and get access to all the patron bonuses for as little as a dollar. There I go, whoring again. :P

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