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woohooligan Oct 24, 2016
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Let me see if I can mansplain these women's issues. :P

Seriously though, I don't see this as a "women's" issue. I suppose some people, seeing the buffet of different types of femism (first through third waves, intersectional, etc.) and seeing the sometimes very loud fights between feminists of different stripes, might say "women are nasty to each other." While that's sometimes true, I can't say I honestly believe it's more true of women than of any other group of people.

In any cause or movement, human nature inevitably leads to disagreement within the group. As the group grows, new people join who disagree with the methods, have ulterior motives, or who simply don't share the same moral values. These group dynamics usually result in some kind of splintering if the group reaches any notable size. You can look at any religion, where the rules are supposed to be inviolable and see that disagreement about those rules has lead to splintering. We all know about the western enlightenment and the protestant reformation, but it happens in other religions as well. Do you know how many different types of Buddhism there are in the world? How many Jewish traditions? As an autistic person, I see plenty of this in not only the autism community, but in the wider disabled community as well. There are those who think I'm an incredible asshole for saying "I'm autistic" instead of "a person with autism". I prefer not to make such a big deal out of that difference, the same way I call myself "a diabetic" instead of "a person with diabetes", or "a comedian" instead of "a person with dick jokes." I certainly wouldn't expect every two Black Lives Matter protesters to agree, or for members of Anonymous to be continuously unanimous every time they take down some website, even if it's Trump's.

Disagreement is just a normal part of life, especially with larger groups. So if you have a cause like feminism or racial equality or the legalization of marijuana, it's probably a good idea to focus your attention on one specific goal at a time and really think through the how and the why of that goal. It's a lot easier to achieve women's suffrage for example, than "equal rights". Yes, equal treatment is the ultimate long term goal, but a ten mile hike is a lot easier to achieve when you focus on one step at a time.

I think that's where a lot of people get into trouble, by trying to force everyone into the same small tent. Back in the eighties, Ronald Reagan talked about the Republican party being the "party of the big tent", trying to bring in people from all walks of life. That worked well for them for a time, but then things change and now the vestiges of the Reagan era are struggling to keep the tent together despite Donald Trump's best efforts to knock down every post, alienating women, minorities, GLBT people, etc.

But sometimes the tent gets knocked down by the people trying to build it in the first place. This is what happened to Gloria Steinem when she supported Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign by saying "there's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women." To which many women (especially young women) said, "Gloria can go to the special place." One of my favorite actors, Susan Sarandon said, "I don't vote with my vagina." When I heard that, I thought I'd like to see that! A vagina that can work a voting machine? That's the kind of vagina you'd want on America's Got Talent! But what Steinem forgot is that you can't demand or even expect complete agreement in any large group, feminists or otherwise. If you try to force them all to support your own individual goals, you're going to get a lot of people telling you where you can put those goals.

Ironically, it's often easier for an enemy to galvanize a cause. During the third presidential debate, Donald Trump raised his own tremendous tent-pole when he called Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman". No, I don't think women are any nastier or any quicker to fight than men, but I'm not at all surprised by how many of them are now eager to wear the badge "nasty!" It's a tremendous tentpole, just the greatest, everybody says so, believe me.

Sure, I think women tend to fight differently than men. I think when a man hates you he tends to be pretty direct about it, letting you know right away, and sometimes going so far as the traditional dick-punch. In our society however, you'll rarely find a woman who cunt-punts. They tend to extract their pound of flesh in more subtle ways, like the guilt trip or the public snub. But I don't think either way is nastier or more common, I think they're just different ways of navigating the world. While some of that difference may be attributed to hormones, I suspect most of it derives from having to figure out how to live and work through centuries of mysoginy and male dominance in our culture.

While boxing was popular among men, a woman in the Victorian era wasn't allowed to come to fisticuffs with anyone. Nor was she allowed to have a job outside the home, unless it was nursemaid, housekeeper or kitchen staff. Even in the kitchen she was relegated to staff because they weren't allowed to be chefs. So if a woman wanted something traditionally the province of men, she had to learn how to achieve it in some alternative and usually much less direct way. I think this legacy of being forced to be sneaky about things has really shaped women's view of the world and the way they navigate it.

I suspect as well that this invention of necessity for women has become like a crucible over the centuries. It may be that men have a genetic advantage when it comes to brute strength, but when it comes to cunning, society has ensured that women have all the experience. Except Gloria Steinam, she can suck it.

In other news, this is my third comic this month with six days remaining... I'm hoping to get a fourth comic done before Halloween. I also published a couple of quick caricatures of Donald Trump and Adam Conover that you can see on our Patreon. Unfortunately I've not been able to afford any marketing help or advertising yet this month, so we'll see... maybe I can get it in the last few days or it may have to wait 'till November when we have my birthday and the election. :P On the plus side, we did get two new patrons this past week! :D

Stay awesome, Hooligans!

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