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woohooligan Sep 2, 2016
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
To be honest, this scene from the first Star Wars film is just plain weird. If you've seen the rest of the films, this idea is completely out of character for Chewebacca. Stomping on people when they lose a friendly game is the sort of thing you'd expect from the bully in A Christmas Story, not from a hero of the world's most beloved space opera.

Lately, I hear this bit of old-timey folk wisdom a lot: choose a career you love and you'll never work a day in your life. While I understand the appeal of this idea, it's far from true. The most exciting comics I make still require a great deal of time and effort; the "blood, sweat and tears" we also hear about. Yes, I loved making this comic. Yes, I loved making all my comics, despite the inevitable stroll down memory lane I NEED SO MUCH THERAPY AFTER THIS! (Art, like engineering is a skill you improve over time and you can't help feeling traumatized by looking at old work and all the things you would have done differently.) The point is a labor of love like this is still labor.

Loving something or someone doesn't make what I'm doing play-time. Yes, I play because that's also important. But anything you love (as a verb) takes work. I love my wife, Tiffany, and it's just as important that we work through our disagreements and come out the other side of them stronger in our relationship. Professional work is the same, whether it's engineering or art. I don't work at something I love because that makes it play - I work hard because I love it. That makes it a calling. :D

And I've worked at Woohooligan since I lived in Austin in 2006. That's ten years! Making comics is so hard, most webcomic authors give up within a year or two, so I'm proud to say I stuck it out! :D

A few days before the end of August, I chose between publishing another page of Amity's story or this bonus page. I realized that I hadn't published a bonus page for my Patrons in August, because the Batman strip went up at the end of July. So I prioritized the patron bonus, because I want to produce at least one of those every month. Unfortunately, despite having no internet for two days (which I focused mostly on work) and devoting about twelve consecutive hours to this on the last day, I still missed my midnight deadline by a couple hours. On the plus side, I learned some new tricks that should speed up future comics. Hopefully along with making my panels a little less detailed and improving my time management skills, I should publish more comics every month.

Every time I create one of these bonus comics, the extra panel or the alternate ending goes onto our Patreon which currently has at least 79 of them, including this one. You can see all of them for a pledge of as little as $1/mo.

The last piece prior to this was a raffle commission for one of my patrons, Rachel Davis. All my patrons are entered into that raffle every month, starting at a pledge of $3/mo. I know I sound like Public Radio here. ;) This is another part of that "it's work" thing. For me to earn a living making you laugh, I have to promote myself. Frankly you and I would both be a lot happier if I didn't have to eat or pay bills and I could just make comics 24-7 and never promote the Patreon. The only way that happens is if the Patreon gets a LOT more pledges. And it's working! :D The Patreon has grown an average of about $10/mo for six months or so. I'm sure that growth will increase as I get better at this. :D

Patreon shorts the Woohooligan page a little. We're actually at fifteen patrons and $83/mo pledged! That means we're just $3 away from my next goal at $86! Woohoo! So if you've been reading Woohooligan for a bit and you'd like to see more of these comics, you can make that happen by putting us over that next goal with a little $3 pledge (that's just one cup of coffee every month), and also getting yourself entered in that monthly art raffle and access to this alternate ending and all the other bonus comics! :D

Stay awesome, Hooligans!

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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BiggerJ Sep 4, 2016
Nerd joke: Looks like he made that guy his Bith.
woohooligan Yeah, to be fair, arm removal is sort of a Sith thing... they should sue the Wookiees for horning in on it. :P
BiggerJ Oct 13, 2016
I think you misunderstood - the craps dealer's species - that of the iconic Cantina band - is Bith.
woohooligan Oct 13, 2016
woohooligan D'oh!

Yeah, I don't usually dig that deep into the lore to know the names of species... not beyond the main ones like Wookies, Vulcans, Romulans or Klingons.
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