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woohooligan Jul 9, 2016
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You know what they say about violent video games. "Everyone who's ever played call of duty became a mass murderer." ... Or something like that anyway. Not that I would believe anyone with a name like "They". You can never trust those people and their beady little beads.

I think most people never notice that this passage in the book of Samuel says specifically that this evil spirit was sent by god to torment Saul after god's spirit left him. It's so much the dominant idea of our modern Christian culture that evil in any form is the sole domain of the devil (whoever that is, since there were seven princes in Hell), and can't possibly ever come from god. When you hear people saying "I'm being tempted" or "I'm being attacked", it always seems to be the devil doing it. But if you recall from Sunday school (assuming you were raised Christian), Lucifer was one of god's angels to begin with, who fell from Heaven and presumably took a number of other angels with him. So if anything, if we think that evil comes from the devil, it really ultimately comes from god. It's like your TV that you bought at Wal-Mart (the devil) but ultimately came from Sony (god). So I guess that makes the devil less of an adversary of god and more like his exclusively licensed distributor of torment and damnation.

Interestingly enough, this idea that evil always comes from the devil and never from god is a pretty new idea. As recently as the American civil war, many prominent leaders of the Confederacy attributed their losses on the battlefield not to Satan but to god. They would look at their loss at a particular battle and say, "god is punishing us for being too proud!" They had of course already agreed between themselves that it wasn't possible that the larger evil was slavery and they were being punished for that.

If you live in the US and you've been watching the news at all, this week has been pretty horrible. And I've been feeling kind of overwhelmed, which I talked about on the previous page. So I've decided to take some time out of this particular story and make an unrelated nonsense strip or two before I come back to this. I may just post those on the Patreon for now -- I haven't entirely decided.

Thanks to all you wonderful hooligans for sharing your time and a few laughs with me! :D Stay awesome!

The Daily Show.

EDIT: How did I forget Ira's halo?

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