A Good Name - pt 9
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woohooligan Apr 15, 2016
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
The weird thing is I don't remember these stories because I loved them, or even liked them. As far back as I can remember, my experience with Sunday school was something on the order of "and Noah collected all the animals two by two into the ark... yeah, that's nice... hey Transformers is on TV in an hour, can we hurry this along?" At forty-one that's still mostly my response to bible stories, though now I'm preferring Star Trek and the like... Can you blame me? Michael Bay's idea of Transformers is two piles of garbage hurled at each other at 120mph.

I do find bible stories interesting in an anthropological sense, as a way of examining ancient cultures, and obviously I think they're great inspiration for comedy, just like today's news media. So generally speaking, as I'm working on these pages and comments, I'm doing a fair amount of research. Did you know, the "Star of David" used to be called the "Seal of Solomon"? Did you know that it was a recognized symbol long before the establishment of Judaism? Did you know there are people who think it's all a conspiracy? :P

Do you think amity's response to the crowd qualifies as deimatic behavior?

I have to admit that at this moment, as I'm writing the commentary for this page, I'm a bit tired. We're still recovering a bit from helping my mom move in with us. She's been here two weeks, and although it's a bit stressful, we're all getting settled and things are getting better slowly. Meanwhile, while I worked hard to get this page out this week, to make that happen I had to totally ignore my personal Facebook notices, so those are now backlogged again, like they were during the move. Also, I haven't managed to get any new bonus content onto our Patreon this month or I think last month because I had to suspend most of my advertising and take more software work to pay for the move, and I haven't posted my monthly progress report on my goal for the year, so... yeah, still a lot of work to do. The Ohio BMV is requiring mom's marriage and divorce records before they'll give her a local driver's license, which is pretty frustrating, but we got her applied for her Social Security retirement and have an appointment to get her cat, Luna, spayed on the 21st. :D

Also my son Nick's birthday is this weekend, so we're pretty busy around here.

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