Sleeping With the Devil
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woohooligan Oct 26, 2015
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My wife, Tiffany, considered herself a dyed in the wool lesbian for a number of years before she met me... The one other long-term relationship she had with a guy petered out before either of them could swallow enough of their own pride to say "I love you." On the other hand, she spent a lot of time in gay bars over the years and had a number of gay male friends... several of whom repeatedly tried (and failed) to get her in bed when they were drunk. Yep... alcohol definitely has a way of changing people.

!SUBJECT CHANGE! (Segues are hard!)

Over the years there's been a great deal of speculation about the sexual exploits of demons. It seems like most of it came from the heyday of witch trials between the 15th and 19th centuries. Given that this was a time before the widespread emancipation of women in the west, that those putting the (mostly) women on trial were all men and that the "confessions" they extracted included a remarkable amount of needless detail, I would guess that the prosecutors in these cases had their own sexual fantasies about demons. I also suspect this isn't all too far from the modern phenomenon of "pray the gay away" therapists (if you consider mentally scarring people to be therapy), many of whom have been shown to engage in fairly erotic acts with clients DURING their sessions. "Uh, yes, Jim, come over here and sit on my lap, that's going to help us get closer to god. Mmmmm... yes... gaaawd... rock back and forth a little, Jim. We need to feel the spirit."

So it went. There was an early report in 1458 from Nicholas Jacquier who seemed enticed by the demons himself. I imagine he had a thing for "forbidden fruit" and "bad boys". Then as time passed, it seems more and more of the prosecutors were misogynists who appeared to be getting off on how painful the experience might be for a woman, coaxing her to describe burning, etc.

And there even was specific description of the devil having a forked dick. Apparently the idea here was that it was long enough and flexible enough, he could get the other side of it all the way around, to put in the woman's mouth. I wonder if the guy who thought that up was celibate. Pfft...

There's a famous bit of folklore... I know I've heard it several times throughout my life from different people in different places... oddly, I can't find any mention of it online. But the story goes that during one of these witch trials, a woman who realized the men were going to execute her regardless of her testimony, decided she'd had enough. So she replied to the accusation that she'd slept with the devil with a metaphorical slap in the face, "yes, I did sleep with the devil! And he was better than any man!" Well, he's certainly hotter! ;P

(If you know where this story came from, please fill me in!)

I expect there are people on both sides of my depiction of the relationship here between Amity and Lucifer. You might say it's controversial. If you believe in demons (I don't), then what are you to make of the fact that a woman in this case essentially date-raped Lucifer? Do you believe that the story shows date rape? Do you believe that such a thing is even possible?

She ostensibly got him drunk enough to sleep with her, despite his earlier convictions about being gay. I would think, if the roles were reversed and it were Asmodeus who got Amity drunk, that would qualify as date rape. So is the same true when a woman does it to a man? (I tend to think so.) And if that man happens to be a Prince of Hell, does that make it okay? (I tend to think not, despite not believing they exist.) If his being a Prince of Hell does make that okay, then where do you draw the line? How bad does a person have to be before doing bad things to them is okay? This is the point at which I have to agree with Kant - the action itself is good or bad, irrespective of who might be the victim or what they might have done to "deserve it". So forcing yourself on someone, even if you're a woman, even if the other person is really drunk and a really baaaaad person, is still wrong.

Though I will say that I think as it is with any given crime, the circumstances are often more complicated than we're willing to admit. There are more shades of gray than blacks and whites, and there is an undeniable difference between a man who forces himself on a woman at gunpoint and Amity's getting Lucifer drunk enough to sleep with her. It's interesting to me to note Lucifer's traditional reaction here is, "what have I done?" which is always the way this is depicted, with the victim at least internally assuming responsibility (although barring overt coercion, if they were both drunk, I think it would be right to argue that consent is no longer an issue and they're both equally responsible). Amity has convinced herself that she hasn't forced Lucifer to do anything that, deep down, he really didn't want to do in the first place. I think that's just as wrong as the guy who says lesbians just haven't met the right man... but... c'mon guys, it's forked!

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