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woohooligan Aug 19, 2015
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Nobody listens to Eg... err... Azrael, but he gets stroked a lot. ;)

I looked it up on IMDB after having already written the script for this update and Not Another Mistake is a real (and really bad) movie... about Vietnam... sort of...

It looks like one of those movies that could be enjoyable if you think of it as a comedy instead of an action movie. The trailer alone has just about every bad action movie cliche I've ever seen in it, starting with the fact that the main character is named Stryker. ;P

To be honest, if you're making a movie and you begin by naming it "not another...", just stop. Just stop making the movie, you'll thank me later, when you come to your senses. ;P You can check it yourself, look on IMBD for the phrase "not another" - there's not been a single movie title starting with "not another" that's been well received at the box office. Oh, there've been tons of movies -- all flops!

This update took a long time... about 20 days. I had been in a really good rhythm of getting an update out about every four days until Tiff and I were out of town for a week and then we got the flu on the tail end of our trip... D'oh! The truth is, it takes most of a four-day stretch to finish a three-page spread like this, so when I'm out of commission there's not much I can do. I uploaded a sneak peek of this on our Patreon nearly a week ago now. I usually only publish sneak peeks when there's a delay, but they're always available to the "all the nerds" supporters ($1/mo).

This is Amy's low point in this story... it's not the climax, but it's about half-way through. These three pages might not be as funny as some of the others, but they're part of an important transition in a story that's fairly personal for me. I know, up until I started this story, I didn't really do this, I just posted jokes and when I'm done, I'll do more of that. For now I want to finish up this story about ... well, it's about hope. :) And I promise there will be some fun jokes in the next few pages.

Also I've updated the Patreon rewards and added a 20% discount on commissions (and potentially other offerings) at the $1/mo level. I'm contemplating swapping that out. Here's a question: would you be more likely to pay the $1/mo to get the discount or to get access to the vault of alternate endings and bonus panels? Let me know!

If we can get more folks signed up on the Patreon even at the $1/mo level, I can make this more of a full-time thing and avoid these kinds of delays in the future. :)

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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Miaubol Aug 20, 2015
Miaubol LOL! the two last panels..
I so want to hug "Grumpy Cat" now xD
woohooligan Aug 20, 2015
woohooligan Thanks, Mia! [[HUG]]
BiggerJ Aug 29, 2015
I wonder if Azrael being a cat is a reference - Azarael is the name of Gargamel's cat.
woohooligan Aug 29, 2015
woohooligan Yeah, I considered not naming him Azrael because I knew that was the name of Gargamel's cat also... Actually Gargamel's cat is named after the same Angel referenced here, which in Abrahamic traditions was not the angel of death (as the name is used in the Discworld novels), but another angel often associated with the angel of death (Samael).

Wikipedia's disambiguation says the name is "the angel of death in many religions" but then doesn't say anything about those religions, so that seems apocryphal. :P But a number of fictional characters have been given the name for similar reasons.

Ironically, the name literally means "one whom god helps". :P
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