Pride Goeth Before A Fall
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woohooligan Apr 26, 2015
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So to recap, not all gay people go to hell... just the queens! Why else would we say they're FLAMING?! ;)

I think most of the gay men I've known (excluding lesbians or GLBT people of other stripes), if you gave them this choice, would have no hesitation whatsoever! Eternity in heaven with Anderson Cooper or in hell with Freddy Mercury? Send me to hell, baby!!

To be honest I'm a Unitarian and don't believe in hell... at least none made by god... but I have seen a Twilight movie, so I guess I'm open to man-made options. I will say however, that if it turned out god were as petty as some parts of the bible, then I'd agree with my gay friends - you want to hit that basement button on the elevator there, thanks. ;) Incidentally, the word that's translated as "abomination" in Leviticus has the same Hebrew root as the word that's used to describe the damnable horrors of stroganoff! So according to the Jews who wrote Leviticus, being gay is at least as unimaginably horrible as eating meat with dairy... or dressing in drag or remarrying a former spouse. ;)

And I think it's true that pride precedes a fall, but I think most people misunderstand how that works. The bible passage certianly implies that just having any amount of pride automatically leads to bad things and I disagree. As they're wheeling me into the operating room for some life-saving procedure, the last thing I want to hear from my neurosurgeon is "don't worry, I know you're a Christian and I want you to know I take no pride at all in my work... in fact, I think my work is downright lousy! Okay, breathe deep and count backward from ten." No... I think the real reason pride goes before a fall is because you rarely fall when you're grovelling. (For example, a blog that I found advertising on Woohooligan last week, that claimed you could go to hell for playing video games because that's "idolatry". D'oh!)

So now we've met three of the seven princes of hell, Lucifer being the oldest. I've got a bit of a story going here, rather than just cycling through the princes. So we may meet Asmodeus in another page or two, but I'm not going to make the next page about Satan just because he's the most popular prince of hell. To be honest, Satan is the prince of wrath which I don't think really lends itself to comedy. Bringing Mammon back in the last page was done mostly to get through the confusion about there being seven devils before this page, which I'm fairly proud of. Since he's the prince of pride, I'm sure Lucifer would approve. ;)

Currently, my plan is for the next page to feature the late Fred Phelps. Oooh, the controversy!

In other news, I just finished this commission for Mark Stokes of Zombie Boy! Aside from publishing a pretty cool comic himself, Mark is one of four people who backed the Woohooligan Kickstarter at the higher levels and got one of these hand-drawn commissions. Thanks, Mark!

Oh, and the Woohooligan Patreon page is just $1.10 away from hitting our second milestone goal! :D

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

Ohhhhh. **I** get it....THE FLAMING ONES....
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