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woohooligan Apr 9, 2015
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Like the film, this strip leaves so many important questions unanswered like "is the Dark Aster insured?"

I love the Guardians of the Galaxy. As films go, it really is pretty sweet! Writing, special effects, the whole package. Though for a galaxy of billions of systems, the GotG world is filled with an awful lot of singular descriptors. The Accuser, the Collector, the Pursuer, the Broker...

Ironically, while the film dropped "the Pursuer" from Korath's name (in addition to making him a mercenary instead of a Kree agent), they described the broker character as "the Broker" when there actually have been a couple of characters in the Marvel comics universe called "the Broker", one of them even being an alien... and neither of them particularly resembling this film character who's only purpose was to give some information to us, the movie-going public. So Korath who was actually fairly important lost a title, and they gave an important-sounding title to a bit character. O_o

Even more ironic, the Marvel wiki on Wikia (not the official Marvel wiki) describes the character in the film as a "pawnbroker", despite the fact that he works in the "high end community". High-end pawn? Dealing only in extremely rare or one-of-a-kind antiquities? At a pawn shop? So I'm down at Jim's Pawn down the street and holy crap, there's the Mona Lisa, right next to a second-hand lawnmower. That's great! Because, aside from being a connoisseur of irreplaceable art, my lawn's kinda getting out of hand. ;)

If you haven't see it, definitely give it a watch, you won't regret it!

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