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woohooligan Dec 27, 2014
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I want to introduce all you find hooligans to a friend of mine by the name of Alejandro Lee. This dude... really, what is there to say about him, other than that he's a crazy-talented artist, a fantastic writer, an all-around nice guy, and on top of all that, he publishes this really sweet steampunk comic called Sally Sprocket and Piston Pete! It is very definitely steampunk in theme, although the world is far-future, not recent past - a world recovering from a major war between humans and robots (which you can imagine causes problems for Pete), and most of the planet is still at old-west levels of technology.

Alejandro's been a friend of mine for a few years now, and a regular reader of Woohooligan, and I have to admit that, while I've enjoyed the hell out of his art when he posts to DeviantArt, I never did get around to reading the whole comic until this past week when I started working on this cameo. And no bullshit, I think it's one of the best comics I've read. The only real problem with it is that in the middle of chapter 11, none of the myriad plot twists in the story have really been resolved. None of the major ones anyway.

So far I've counted... at least 5 separate major sub-plots, separate from the main story between Pete and Morticus. I won't give you any spoilers here, because I really think you ought to read it for yourself. I just want to see more awesome pages from this dude and I'm hoping that we'll see some kind of wrap-up for at least one of the sub-plots soon.

Alejandro also backed our Kickstarter last year. I've lead with that on the previous cameos, but this time I wanted you to know about his comic first, in part because I think SSnPP is really underrated. I'm not sure how many regular readers he has, but he certainly deserves all the readers he can get. :D

I did however struggle to come up with a good gag for his cameo. The memory problem seemed like a decent riff on some of themes in his comic, so I decided to tie it in with this old computer programming joke -- something from my own history as a software engineer. But I'll be damned if I wasn't stumped for a bonus-panel again this time. D'oh! Last time, Alejandro was the one who pointed out an obvious bonus panel idea to me after I posted the previous comic, so watch him do it again this week. ;P

Apologies again for the comics being slow this month as I've been busy with both the holidays and with my entry into the LINE Webtoon contest that ends January 25th. And of course, on top of all the home repairs we're still working on a year after buying our first house and also still working on finishing up those ebooks from last year's Kickstarter campaign. Expect to see those ebooks published some time in January or February! :D

Stay awesome, Hooligans!

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