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woohooligan Nov 18, 2013
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Last week we put an offer on a house we really like in Dayton, Ohio. We're still waiting to hear back from the realtor - they told us Friday that they received the offer, but haven't read it. We're also not the only offer, so for the moment we're in a bidding war. They did get back to us this morning and told us that they'll be reading their offers and making a decision Wednesday or Thursday, so at least now we know how long we have to wait.

ANNOUNCER: Will their offer be accepted? Will they have to take their 2nd pick in Akron? Will Jim finally tell Nancy about his herpes? Tune in next week for another exciting episode of Shits and Giggles!

This week's guest comic comes to us from my friend Jonathan Murdock who publishes the comic Dungeon Hordes! Check him out!

Stay awesome, hooligans!

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TheSmilingPsycho Lol, Dayton, Ohio? I didn't know you lived in Ohio... Or do you? I've lived here all my life. Pretty close to Dayton actually.
woohooligan Nov 18, 2013
woohooligan Yep, Ohio. We're moving from Texas. It's a pretty simple story, but folks look at us like we've grown a third head when we explain it.

We only had $60k to purchase a house for 6 people and that priced us well out of the market for anything in Texas closer than a two-hour drive to the nearest real city. So since we wanted to live in, y'know, civilization, we started looking for places where the housing market was less expensive and we found a few in NY, MI, IL and Ohio.

Houses in NY and IL were too small, and Detroit is just plain frightening, so we settled on Ohio and are actually looking forward to the move, it seems like a nice place. :)

And as added bonuses, we'll have real seasons, colors in the fall, snow in the winter (neither of which happen in TX), and we'll be in a battleground state where our vote will actually matter. :)
TheSmilingPsycho Ohio is really nice, but then again, I'm probably biased because I've lived here all my life. But I do like the changes of the season. It makes you appreciate the weather more. Dayton is a good place to live, too. Not too ghetto, lol. I live out in the country, too, and nobody ever bothers you out there so it's nice.
Unka John Nov 19, 2013
Unka John Texans look at you like you have grown a third head if you mention going anyplace but Texas. You may find fruits and vegetables tastier in Ohio.
Zach Jul 27, 2016 - Pikachu used Sedition!
It was SUPER effective!
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