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woohooligan Oct 8, 2013
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Hello hooligans! So things are still pretty busy around the hoolicave lately. Of course my butler, Illfed, is keeping me on schedule. Granted, he's not really a butler... more of a sugar-withdrawal induced hallucination.

My blood sugar is finally down into the normal range on a daily basis and this past weekend, Tiff and I had our first post-diabetes con table at FenCon here in Dallas. While the con wasn't especially large, we met fun and had some cool folks... wait...

Anyway our recent Kickstarter promised that there would be ebooks out this month, so I need to spend some time formatting them now that I've purchased the ISBNs. In the meantime, a few other comic authors are helping me out with some guest comics. Today's strip comes from Zon Petilla who writes Just Sprite Me.

In other news, I renewed my driver's license today, which is good because Tiff and I are going to be making another trip up to Toledo, Ohio probably in the next couple of weeks to house-hunt. That's another reason why I put out the call for guest comics. Speaking of which...

Are you a hooligan? Is your brain exploding with funny shit? And would you like to help out with a guest comic? Shoot me an email at sam at comiccomet dot com.

Stay awesome, hooligans!

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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