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woohooligan Jun 27, 2013
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True story. :D Not surprising that Zeus would wind up with VD, given the kind of slut he was.

I think Greek Mythology is kind of interesting because the ancient Greeks envisioned a world so different from their own. Not just because they imagined these supermen gallivanting about, no... I'm talking about something much more fundamental and bizarre, because in the world of Greek Mythology, when you count the occurrences of something, you start at 1 and then move immediately to infinity. How many times did this happen? Was it more than once? Well, then it must have been an infinite number of times!

That's just how they saw the world of their gods. When something happened either it happened just one time, or it happens always, every time and forever! They would have none of this "sometimes" bullshit. If the sirens drew men to their deaths at sea in this area, then they drew EVERY man in that area to their death -- until the one time that Odysseus has his crew fill their ears with wax... but just that ONE TIME! Because apparently Odysseus and his crew are cursed with being unable to tell anyone about how they overcame the sirens! No no... No one will ever be regaled with that story, not now, not ever!

You know what else lures men to their deaths at sea? It's the Woohooligan Facebook Page!

In retrospect this is kind of similar to the last time we saw Zeus.

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