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woohooligan Feb 14, 2013
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Hello everyone! Welcome to the Valentine's Day Sex Drive! This is a special valentines day event started by Stef Marcinkowski, the creator of Sarah Zero, in which a bunch of webcomic artists get together and post naked pics of their comic characters for Valentine's Day. In my case, I was supposed to be finishing the Comic-Con Fetish Panel story arc last week or so, but couldn't because my computer died suddenly again for the 3rd time in 2 years. I was just able to borrow my fiance Tiffany's machine and my daughter Alex's tablet long enough to get this comic and voting incentive done for the event today. Yay! And I now have a new machine, so I should be back on schedule soon... But seriously, aren't you insanely curious about the image that's troubling Nigel?

Nigel the Zombie is an old fan favorite.
Here's more Nigel for any new hooligans: introduction, No Win Situation, To Hell With Zombies, Public Relations, What Friends Are For.

And of course, make sure you check out the other Valentine's Day Sex Drive participants below!

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vaslittlecrow Hello fellow participant! :D I must say that the hat and monocle makes yours the classiest and most distinguished nudie incentive that I've seen thus far! Well done. :D
woohooligan Feb 16, 2013
woohooligan Thanks, Crow! :D
vaslittlecrow My pleasure!
Hinoron Feb 20, 2013
Alt Endings - Cute.
On the subject of Alt endings, I think you need a better system. Making viewing them function as a vote incentive isn't objectionable by itself, however it creates a problem for any new readers perusing your archives. No matter what comic they view, clicking the "Alt ending" link takes them to the most current vote incentive. All your previous comics' alt endings are no longer available for viewing (as far as i can tell). Seems a waste of the time, effort, and wit that must have gone into them, doesn't it?
woohooligan Feb 21, 2013
woohooligan The other alternate endings will be available in the books and possibly on the site later on. The voting incentives do work quite well actually, they keep people coming back to the site to see the latest comic and they keep people voting for the comic on TWC, which helps drive more traffic to the site.

UPDATE (Aug 24, 2016): All the alternate endings became available in the Patreon vault when I created the Woohooligan Patreon page last year.
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