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woohooligan Dec 12, 2012
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Hey hooligans!

I had a lot of fun at AnimeFest in September! :D While I was there I sat in on this late-night, 18+ panel titled "A frank and honest discussion of our sexual fetishes", and as you might imagine I came away from it with a lot of comic material. ;P

This Week: I'm all for Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) and whatever's your thing is your thing, go nuts! But ya know what? This comic is going to ruffle feathers. How do I know that? Because I've ruffled people's feathers before by making these comments, but the reality is, this has been my experience with the BDSM community. Somewhere out there, I'm sure, are sane, rational people who are into BDSM... to me they are some strange, sexual unicorn, often talked about but rarely seen. All the people I've known who've been into BDSM have seemed a bit unhinged. I'm okay with a little unhinged, but most of them in my experience have seemed kind of scary unhinged. Fatal Attraction, "I'm going to boil your rabbit if you dump me" kind of unhinged.

Mostly they haven't seemed to understand the concept of moderation. It probably doesn't help that some years ago, before I had been exposed to anyone in the BDSM community, I read an article in a mainstream magazine about people engaging in voluntary castration. One of the people interviewed was a guy who called himself "gelding" and had his nuts cut off in "a night of extreme BDSM"... but then went on to say "I still have a perfectly normal, healthy sex life". So... simple words like "normal" are apparently beyond his understanding -- AND -- he thinks it's perfectly okay to get your nuts cut off... you know... between friends.

So what do you hooligans think? Am I overreacting? Have I just met all the wrong people?

This time the alternate ending (now on Patreon) is an almost verbatim conversation that Tiffany and I had with a guy we met several years ago who was into BDSM. I only tweaked the dialogue slightly, mostly to add the punchline in the last panel.

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Unka John Dec 12, 2012
Unka John I just think you've met the wrong people.
woohooligan Dec 27, 2012
woohooligan Thanks, John!
Zachary Ryan Dec 12, 2012
I used to date this girl that liked me to heat up clothing pins and clamp them to her nipples.

She was also, maybe the most reality detached person I've ever met! So I see where your coming from!
woohooligan Dec 27, 2012
woohooligan Thanks, Zach!
Col Klink Apr 29, 2013
Clamping - I prefer to clamp my hot lips to teh nipplez. Or at least my fingers.
Well BDSM, as bad as it can be, also includes sensation play which is often an icecube or warmed towel is what I call the 'green' end of BDSM. The Red side or some called the Darkside is Master/submissive play. The example given is what we call Danger Master. A true (yeah hate that word too) dominant knows to talk things over before dropping anything harder than an icecube/warm towel without discussion.
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