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woohooligan Nov 21, 2012
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Happy Thanksgiving, hooligans!

I had a lot of fun at AnimeFest in September! :D While I was there I sat in on this late-night, 18+ panel titled "A frank and honest discussion of our sexual fetishes", and as you might imagine I came away from it with a lot of comic material. ;P

This could have been Elmo! I had already drawn the lines for this last panel when I heard that Elmo was involved in a sex scandal. Oh my god, the jokes! Elmo love you long time! Elmo skin very soft, but Elmo dick very hard! Just tickle it...

What's your favorite sex scandal, hooligans? Clinton? Berlusconi? Kennedy? Jefferson? Using political campaign donations to attend a faux lesbian bondage club? (Those wacky Republicans!) Leave a comment below!

This was originally supposed to be the alternate ending but it turned out easier to put the alt ending text on the bottom of this one, so I swapped them. What was her fetish if not for superheroes? The alternate ending is on our Patreon!

Buy the book! Did you enjoy this? Well Nerdgasm is now available in our store as a high-resolution, print-ready PDF with all the alternate endings, and a host of additional bonus features about sex and relationships!

Get your copy here!

P.s. Thanks to all my regular readers! And welcome to all my new readers! You hooligans are awesome and you keep me coming back to make more of these comics for you guys! And thanks to all your reading and sharing, Woohooligan is approaching the top 100 on Top Web Comics this month! :D

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

Pfftt.. - Haha! Slide down his Bat Pole. Nice.
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