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woohooligan May 11, 2012
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Have I mentioned that I'm a secret agent? True story. I don't even make these comics, they're done up by MI5 as part of my cover. Better be careful what else I say, you never know, the NSA might bust in the door any minute now and strip-search me and find the plans I have cleverly hidden in my asshole. Just like the Supreme Court said we should have done with the 9-11 bombers, since, y'know, maniacal plots are always cleverly hidden inside an asshole (like inside a Supreme Court justice for example).

I'm doing it again... I'm way off topic... So long story short, there's no actual bundt in bundt-cake.

Stay awesome, hooligans!

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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TheSmilingPsycho lol
woohooligan May 11, 2012
woohooligan Thanks!
Col Klink Apr 28, 2013
The bundt cake is a lie - The Col's cakes ALWAYS have bundt in them.
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