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woohooligan Apr 27, 2012
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I was watching my daughter, Alex playing Skyward Sword and she comes across this puckered bit of dirt that looks to me like an anus. She says all the new games are doing it, so I must be out of touch with the new games...

Whatever happened to actual hidden items? In the original Zelda, when there was a hidden passage, you had to get a hint from the old man and then bomb the whole area and find it by trial and error. Whatever happened to that? Whatever happened to giving people a challenge? Must we lead everyone around by the nose with these obvious symbols that stick out like sore thumbs everywhere? Personally I'd like to think I'm able to solve a bit of a puzzle.

Anyway... she starts digging in this dirt-anus and wouldn't you know it, out pops a fairy and she says "oh... I didn't expect that. I don't usually find fairies in those." Well what else would you expect to find in an anus?!

No alt ending this week... I've just been so busy. This month has been crazy. First we had an unusual rash of tornadoes and then this past week we had a somewhat scary police skirmish in our neighborhood... We rented a corner house and one of the cops who had blocked off an intersection was positioned behind an oak tree in our front yard, with rifle at the ready. It turns out they caught one of the guys with a canine unit, hiding in a shed behind a house across the street from us - on our block even. So that's part of the reason for the delay this week. Hopefully next week will be calmer and I'll publish on time. :D

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TheSmilingPsycho Hey man! I know you from deviantart! Lol! I just subscribed to you. Remember that web comic I was promoting awhile back called Dexter? Yea, it's on here if you want to check it out.
woohooligan Apr 27, 2012
woohooligan Hey, Chris, good to see you here! :)
Low Apr 27, 2012
Low I wonder what he was hoping to find in an anus shaped mound.
woohooligan Apr 27, 2012
woohooligan Thanks, Low. Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinking. ;)
Title for what? - There are actual hidden walls to bomb in the game, just like how there's obvious walls to bomb. I'm not that far in the game, but since the digging would probably be much harsher if they were hidden, with the whole map to scan, having those items for that purpose only seems fair. There's other secrets in the game, I'm sure, but I'm just not that far.
woohooligan Thanks! Yeah, I think the user-interface for these comments could be better.
sylph Aug 26, 2012
why was there a fairy in the dirt-anus anyways?? why was there a dirt-anus in the first place?
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