Secret Lives of Klingons: Baby
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woohooligan Apr 1, 2012
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Woohoo! The final installment of the Secret Lives of Klingons! This is the very first Klingon joke idea that inspired me to do this whole series. I knew going into it that this idea couldn't have much longevity, so I'm glad to have it finished! Thanks for reading!

Next week will be more new, non-klingon material. :D

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Unka John Apr 2, 2012
Unka John Not much of a Trekkie, but loved your Klingon series nonetheless.
woohooligan Thanks, John! :D
I find these Klingon comics pretty hilarious.
woohooligan Apr 15, 2013
woohooligan Thanks, Julien! :D
Col Klink Apr 28, 2013
Fanboys - Been a Trek fan since, what, 1968? I would like to see the alts, too. But I'd also argue that these should have been spread out over some months, to avoid saturation.
Brian Oct 24, 2014
You are so wrong... - You think only Klingon babies do the last panel's antics? Think again. ;D
woohooligan Oct 24, 2014
woohooligan I just hope most of them aren't punched in the face first. ;P
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