When Golfers Attack
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woohooligan Feb 29, 2012
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They are so distinguished! And by distinguished I mean they have plenty of distinguishing marks now. ;P

Also pie settles everything!

This actually was inspired by a news story about an event that happened here in Dallas. A guy was stabbed through the femoral artery with a broken golf club shaft on a course here in Tarrant County. When I heard about it I thought to myself "WTF?! these guys have the kind of cash that they can afford golf as a hobby and they're stabbing each other over the game?"

Luckily the guy survived! (Femoral artery is not to be fucked with.) But I'm still pretty shocked that someone would do something like that over something as trivial as being asked to play through.

You gotta give them credit for being dedicated to the sport! ;P

I've never played golf, but I think from now on it's best left to the pros anyway.

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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Donnie Love Feb 29, 2012
Love the Uhura quote.
woohooligan Feb 29, 2012
woohooligan There's an Uhura quote?
Col Klink Apr 28, 2013
Quotable quotes - It's "Come at me, Broseph", although it might have been in the XXX version.
Chronocidal Aug 24, 2016
"Sandbagging" doesn't mean cheating, it means that you're hiding your skill/strength to make it look as though you are worse than you actually are
woohooligan Aug 24, 2016
woohooligan <nod> It's golf's equivalent of pool-sharking, where a player pretends to be an inept noob before betting on the next game and then handily winning the game once there's money on the table. It's a kind of scam ... fleecing for personal gain. I couldn't think of a really concise verbal description for exactly that, so I chose "cheating" as the nearest well-known (albeit slightly inaccurate) shorthand I could think of.
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