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woohooligan Feb 4, 2012
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
A bit of a departure from my usual style. ;)

I had written something kind of like this in my journal a year or two ago. This is a revamp of it for a friend of mine (hi Rachel!) who wanted to see a comic strip that would make the point that "just because it's on the internet doesn't mean you can use it however you want" -- or in other words "intellectual property is still property".

I usually try to avoid using memes like this unless I can find some way to make the presentation of the meme unusual -- to make it contrary to the meme... but in this case I felt like it was kind of appropriate given the discussion about intellectual property theft, to use these images that actually can be used freely. ;)

EDIT: Okay, I probably should have anticipated that there'd be a lot of confusion about the 8th panel -- the 2nd email -- since it's written in broken slang. ;P So here's a translation in "honkey":

Dear Intellectually Challenged Person,

Selling your car was dumb.

I'm no longer receiving large sums of cash because I can no longer hotwire your car to make my deliveries. I have not the time to form an exploratory committee to locate another sucker whose car I could use for this purpose. Poop.

Purchase a late model Cadillac right away before I call my attorney regarding your responsibility to my business.

Sincerely, Danny McCrackdealer

The name at the end is supposed to indicate that the guy is selling drugs, and that's where "ridin' dirty" comes from. So I hope this clears things up. ;P

You are an important part of Laughter for a Better World!

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ThornsInOurSide Haha, a rage cartoon! Awesome.
woohooligan Thanks!
hrwilliams Feb 9, 2012
not signed in, oh noes! - Well that was a pretty great metaphor fer art-stealin'. Excellent work! And you used rage comics without being completely insufferable! Amazing!

I also enjoyed your honkey translation. ;)
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