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woohooligan Nov 22, 2011
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I've never actually played Pokemon myself... this idea came to me while I was watching my daughter Alex play Pokemon Colosseum. Made me chuckle, because everywhere she goes in the game, whatever bad things people are doing, the only recourse seems to be to make people poke-battle you. Tresspassing? I'm afraid I'll have to make you poke-battle me... and if you win, then I guess there's nothing I can do to stop you tresspassing... it's not like there are 30 of us in here and only 1 of you or anything. ;P

It begs the question: is there any conflict in this world that's not solved by poke-battling? Do the cops carry Pokemon instead of guns? Do they have a military to speak of or just a giant phalanx of Pokemon trainers?

Wanna hold somebody hostage? No problem! "Well... the bank robbers have taken the bank and are raiding the vault... I'd really like to get out of here before things get out of hand, but their Pokemon are tougher than mine, so I guess there's nothing I can do. ;P

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MightyWolf Nov 22, 2011
MightyWolf one of the reasons i never actually liked it, then again this game made me think.

In the Poke World, you have little balls that reduce body size of actual pokemon to make them smaller, which it looks like they have total control of the science of control of matter, but then again, there is no cars?


And dont get me started as you never see ann ACTUAL hospital.

I guess if some guy uses fists and guns they will call him a ¨pussy¨ or ¨coward for not using your creatures instead of your own power since we cannot do anything by ourselves, since we are pretty much useless¨
Kati Aug 19, 2012
Lord of the cats - Erm, well there are vehicles. In Ruby/Sapphire, you ride in the back of a truck. In the TV shows, in one episode, Pickachu ate something bad I think, and they went to an actual hospital.
Nemo Dec 16, 2012
I've always wondered do the Poemon eat each other? You got a tiger-looking pokemon and it sees a chicken-lloking pokemon.. does it eat the other one? Do they use Tauros to make hamburgers?
woohooligan Dec 16, 2012
woohooligan Ha! Yeah, kinda seems like they could tell me all the Pokemon are herbivores and that wouldn't seem at all out of place with the rest of their world. ;P

Thanks, Nemo!
Guest Mar 3, 2013
In answer to this question, it actually depends on the continuity. The predominant continuity - the games, anime, etc - doesn't touch on it other than certain Officer-class trainer battles (they only confront you at night and tend to use Growlithe) and naturally, Officer Jenny in the anime. However, the Pokemon Adventures manga continuity is much darker and more realistic; including death, grievous injury, serious organized crime, and more.

It's interesting, isn't it?
IronDino Nov 9, 2013
Pokemon; Technology, Food, and Crime - Technology; Pokemon are the only living creatures that can be safely compressed into a Pokeball. They do have TV's and vehicles, but saying, 'You have space age technology at your fingertips is like asking, why do Amish live in the U.S.? A rustic way of life is preferred.

Food; Yes, in the games and manga it's mentioned that some Pokemon are food (for Pokemon and people). It's downplayed in the show because it's for kids and Pokemon are pets. But then remember that Charlotte's Web was about a girl having a pig (bacon) as a pet whereas in some Asian cultures cats and dogs are foodstuffs.

Crime; Physical violence is looked down upon (it's for kids remember), but there are some moments of violence and hostility. But honestly, it doesn't matter if you're a 400 pound body builder. (Look at Lt. Surge, the guy's nearly 8 feet tall). If something can spit fire or discharge electricity, you're at a disadvantage. (Also, why is Surge a Lieutenant if there were never any wars for them to fight in?)
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