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woohooligan May 19, 2011
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!

Ever notice how at a lot of parties the men and women go off to separate spaces? What's up with that? C'mon guys, it's not a boxing match! ;P

Oh and in case you're not familiar, the "monthly visit from aunt flo" is a reference to menstruation... It's been thought for a long time that women's menstrual cycles synchronize when they live together such as in a dorm, convent, bordello, etc. although studies of it have been inconclusive. It's called the McClintock effect.

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Unka John May 19, 2011
Unka John It's named after a John Wayne movie?
woohooligan May 19, 2011
woohooligan Ha! Y'know, I was never a John Wayne fan, so it hadn't even occurred to me that one of his films was titled McClintock. That's hilarious. :D
ThornsInOurSide I guess it would be more consistent if the girls were talking about breast cancer. But it would be less funny.
Col Klink Apr 27, 2013
Wait...what? - Are you saying women in dorms all get breast cancer at the same time?
woohooligan May 19, 2011
woohooligan This is really mostly about how women are pretty open to talking about all manner of things amongst each other whereas men would never really touch these subjects. ;P And plus I thought "if your roommates jumped off a bridge?" was a hilarious idea. ;)
It's not just a theory... -'s a fact. Girl's menses DO sync when they live together. I AM a girl, so I think I would know about this, though I admit I could be wrong. (But I very much doubt it.) What studies have you read that are inconclusive on the matter? I would very much like to see them. I try to keep an open mind about things, because you never know.

My Anatomy & Physiology teacher explained that it's because males in our ape relatives had a nasty tendency to kill babies that weren't theirs, so the female apes all synced, and thus had babies at the same time, and the males weren't sure which babies weren't theirs and which ones were, so no babies got killed.

It's been awhile, so I may be recalling it incorrectly, but I am fairly sure that's what he said. Personally, I just think it's just because the fates have a sick sense of humor. :p
woohooligan I've not read the original studies. What I know about it is from reading derivative sources like that Wikipedia page I linked in the artist comment.

That's an interesting theory about the reason for it... oh and I guess that thing about the evolution of apes is kind of interesting too. :P
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