Slouch to Bethlehem - part 18
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woohooligan Oct 9, 2018
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Rape is a dangerous subject for a comedian, I know. Nonetheless, I felt like it was an important subject and I wanted to make some comments about it long before the Brett Kavanaugh congressional hearings.

I pointed out earlier in this arc, that I think we shouldn't consider rape any less wrong if we think the victim is unpleasant or even a bad or evil person. It seems a little odd to me that anyone should have to say that, but there's a great deal of evidence that not everyone agrees. Although I'm having some difficulty finding the articles, I've previously read that the parents of autistic children are often shown leniency in court for physically abusing their children, merely because they're autistic and that's frustrating for them. There are certainly examples of parents who abuse autistic children and then exploit them by publishing accounts of the abuse. That the publication of their books doesn't meet with near complete condemnation shows that some people feel the abuse is justified if the child being abused is a challenge for them.

At least one school uses Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to "treat" autistic children. Where most schools aren't allowed to spank kids anymore, ABA at this school involves among other things, punching, kicking and choking the kids when they aren't compliant. Many of the parents who send their children to the school are well aware of this treatment, and defend the school as "effective and necessary". Sometimes they'll cite that the autistic children are sometimes violent, which is of course just as true of non-autistic children. When a non-autistic child is violent, we say they need to be disciplined, but that as adults we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard. So why when the child is autistic do we abandon that higher standard?

Hellbent presents an afterlife in which Hell isn't a prison for evil people, but merely where you go if you didn't follow all the right rules to get into the exclusive club that is Heaven. Ate shellfish or pork? Hell. Wore clothes woven from multiple fabrics? Hell. Remaried a former spouse? Hell. So Amity isn't necessarily evil despite her bad decisions or the wrongs she's done to people, in this case Lucifer. And now with no fear of punishment in Hell, or promise of reward in Heaven, she's trying to do the right thing by making amends for the wrong she's done to Lucifer... but sometimes our actions require the coopreration of another person, and even when we're trying to do the right thing, that doesn't mean another person will accept it.

Lucifer won't accept her apology, not because he's a prince of Hell, but because he's the embodiment of the deadly sin of pride. Probably no matter how overt Amity's actions had been, even if he secretly agreed with her, he would never admit that someone had taken advantage of him (at least not without an ulterior motive). How could they? No one can take advantage of Lucifer, because he's perfect! So says Lucifer. But it's a scary time for princes of Hell, when they could be guilty of something they're not even guilty of. :P

And one final thought: if carrying Lucifer's baby is Amity's destiny (it is prophecy after all), what does that say about the rape? Is getting lucifer drunk and sleeping with him still rape if Amity didn't have a choice in the matter? And if it is destiny, should it change Amity's choices going forward? Or does she even have any choice about her future?

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Guest Jan 12, 2020
Is this comic still being updated?
woohooligan Jan 20, 2021
woohooligan Hey there! The webcomic has been on hiatus for a couple years (I know, in the middle of a storyline and all). I plan to finish this story specifically and hopefully produce some more dailies in the future. In the earlier part of the hiatus I successfully Kickstarted a 2nd volume of comics (the daily strips, not any from this "Hell Bent" story line), but haven't been able to take the books to conventions initially for financial reasons and more recently because of covid.

What I've been focused on more recently is a YouTube channel Woohooligan Comedy and am hoping that with some more patrons I'll be able to hire an artist to take over the visual part of this series and hopefully they'll be faster (I've always been slow).

Thanks for reading! :D

If you'd like more info you can also DM me on my twitter (link in header).
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