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woohooligan Jan 30, 2011
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Tiff and I were in WalMart a few weeks ago...

Who comes up with these product ideas? I mean... why would they even bother giving us these options? It has to be one or the other huh?

They should just know that I want my odor control to be BOTH instantaneous and long-lasting... but for some reason the manufacturers don't seem to want to give me that option... instead they make me play these head games with my fiance.

I guess they assume that anyone who has a cat must want some stink. ;P

I like the way the store shelves worked for this strip... no they're not detailed, but I think they give the strip a nice feel. :D

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What's on your mind?
Unka John Jan 31, 2011
Unka John It's kinda funny how we end up sweating details that the viewer barely notices. The background does make the figures pop.
J2383 Jan 31, 2011
J2383 If the shelves were too detailed they would make the characters fade and not be so instantly noticeable.

I remember going to the store for my mom when I was 17-18 to pick up toothpaste. I'd honestly never paid any attention to what brand or type of toothpaste my family used. For every brand there are about 50 different types of toothpaste. They found me sobbing in a corner of the store trying to figure out if I was supposed to buy 'extra whitening' or 'whiter smile'. Then came the mighty, 12 different types of mint flavor fiasco.
What's on your mind?