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woohooligan Oct 19, 2010
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Men like women who smell like food. ;P

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What's on your mind?
Sarah Ferguson HA! I was making bacon at work the other day, and a man pops his head up above the counter and says "That smells amazing!"
"It's Bacon, of course it does."
"Women should have a perfume of bacon, and Men... men should have a cologne that smells like money..."
Col Klink Apr 26, 2013
The sweet smell of boobies... - Man is that an old joke. GF in 1978 once suggested somewhere that she should have a perfume that smelled like pizza. I was more than ready to eat her as it was, a pizza perfume wasn't going to increase my attention. Still... Oct 19, 2010 Good thing she didn't wear "eau d' anchois" like some women I've known.
burnning_devil figures - a way to a mans heart is threw his stomach.
What's on your mind?