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woohooligan Apr 22, 2010
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
I'm preparing for the sci-fi expo in Richardson TX this weekend and my fiance, Tiffany says she thinks I should print and take some shirts with this design on them. It's always been one of my personal favorites and she thinks it would sell well at the sci-fi expo. There's just one problem -- it's really old and not up to my current standard.

So I tell her fine, let me start over on the colors and I'll print some for the convention. At first I was looking at the new colors and thinking, "gee it doesn't seem like it's going any better than last time"... and then I opened the previous version in Photoshop and realized that, HOLY CRAP it's way better! That's a nice surprise. :D

For the record, no this is NOT IN ANY WAY inspired by the Watchmen. I inked this before the movie came out and I still have yet to read the original comic. What little inspiration I did have came from RoboCop. Think of it as a future in which WalMart has finally taken over all forms of government and is pushing low, low prices (and slave wages) on the masses with a smile! :D

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