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woohooligan Feb 19, 2017
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Obviously generically insulting any large group of people is usually a bad idea. You're definitely not changing any hearts or minds and half the time you end up emboldening people, like Clinton's "basket of deplorables" or Trump's "nasty woman". Hell, Trump only insulted the one person and half the country were emboldened by proxy!

You know, I totally get the appeal of identifying with some name that somebody called you or people like you. Given my previous comic obviously I would identify as a "bad dude". There's a visceral rush from the camaraderie of banding together with your friends and saying "oh yeah, well you're right, so fuck you very much!" Having said that I think it's an unfortunately short-lived thrill. At the end of the day whatever negative label we've chosen to turn around and adopt may feel really good, but it's not helping us put food on the table or make sure everyone has education and health care. So beyond having a rallying cry, I'm just not sure what kind of Pyrrhic victory we're really winning this way.

It's still fun to think what creative insults we'll be identifying with in the future. I've offered two here, why don't you jump in? What insults do YOU think we'll be identifying with in the future? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear them! :D

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What's on your mind?