A Good Name - pt 20
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woohooligan Jan 13, 2017
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Hey Hooligans! I know I frequently write longer satirical comments on my pages, but today I'd like to do something different. Tiffany and I are still working on our 2016 retrospective article describing our accomplishments this year and our progress on our goals. So while we're working on that, rather than write another stream of consciousness today, I'd like to invite you to talk about whatever's going on with you. What were your goals for 2016 and how much of them did you achieve? Do you have resolutions or goals for 2017? How do you feel about Lucifer and Delilah? How do you feel about Amity and her grandfather? Is there some subject you'd like to see me poke fun at this year?

So! What's on your mind?

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