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woohooligan Jun 22, 2015
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
What cranial implant? Who said anything about a cranial implant?

Amy's nightmares were horrible... some of them were so stressful she needed a cigarette afterward... and she doesn't smoke!

You'd think that a guardian angel might point you toward some helpful news article before you accidentally off yourself while trying to score a gaming console. Incidentally, that's a true story. Doctor Strange's daughter, Jennifer, died of water intoxication during the KDND Hold Your Wee For A Wii contest. (On a brief serious note, guys, water is dangerous! Be careful out there! Love each other and treasure the moment!) Oh, also true is the story of Jesus making publicity appearances in midwestern foodstuffs. Okay, so it was the Virgin Mary, but you know God's making Jesus do those too. You'd think he's famous enough, but noooo... Oh, and there is indeed an 11AM rush!

But the subject of guardian angels brings up a whole quagmire of questions about fate. I'm two ways about it to be honest. I could believe that maybe we come into this life with certain things planned for us, though I don't think things necessarily go as planned. I think the only way to know with any certainty whether things in your life had gone according to plan would be to die -- assuming that there is an afterlife. Maybe some people are destined to die in embarrassing ways, like being bitten in the crotch by a wild beaver.

The good news is that no matter how embarrassing your death might be, it can't take away the awesome life you had! Like Bill Hicks said, it's just a ride, enjoy it! :D

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What's on your mind?