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woohooligan May 22, 2015
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
It's a little known fact that Asmodeus was the inspiration for Warner Brothers' Pepé Le Pew. ;)

Asmodeus (Mody) is indeed a creep! His brother Lucifer less so, but Lu's favorite hobby (right after ego-stroking and autofellatio) is giving his brothers shit.

Things have been hectic the past couple weeks, though I still managed to make this another double-page spread and I'm glad. I'm excited about this story and where it's going in the next page or two, so I'm really happy to have it move along faster this way. :D

Though I still need to get the April Patreon commission done. Jeremy Laabs won the raffle and asked for Red Sonja. It's a cool character and I drew one up, but I wasn't entirely happy with it because I'm so out of practice with more serious illustration. So I want to draw up another one some time this week.

I had also planned to put up a bonus comic on Patreon about the recent hubbub about "meninists" complaining about the new Mad Max movie. D'oh! Those guys are so ridiculous... anyway, that's also gonna have to wait a week or two for me to finish. Remember if you want to see the comics faster, you can always support us on Patreon and share the comic with your friends! Every bit helps!

Stay awesome, hooligans!

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What's on your mind?
Miaubol May 22, 2015
Miaubol lol, scripture can be very effective indeed! xD
woohooligan May 22, 2015
woohooligan Indeed! :D

Though that book she's holding is actually a gluten-free diet book that just happens to look like a bible. ;P You know, in the vein of "things aren't always what they seem."
What's on your mind?