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Published: 16th May 2013, 5:47 PM


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Jan 27: Thank you for all your help in the Webtoons contest! Thanks to all your help, within a day or two of the end of the contest, Woohooligan was still amongst the top 5% rated! :D Results of the competition will be announced in a few days at midnight on Jan 30. I suspect my LOL Rat submission won't be announced as a winner, not because it wasn't a great entry, just because there was a lot of competition and LOL Rat didn't get as many favorites or social media shares as many of the other similarly-rated strips. So you guys have really helped me see that I'm in a good place with Woohooligan, making the comics better every week! Maybe in another year or two, I'll be at that level where I might win this kind of contest. :D

If this is the first you're hearing of the contest and you've read through the Woohooligan archive, you can see the extra comics I made just for the contest over at the Webtoons site.

Stay Awesome, Hooligans!

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woohooligan 16th May 2013, 5:47 PM
woohooligan I've noticed Tokyo's had a lot fewer Godzilla problems since they invented the Pokeball. It's such a crazy thing. It's so AWESOMELY powerful, and yet somehow obviously safer in the hands of an inexperienced 13yr old with delusions of grandeur than it would be in the hands of say the military. And they've really not begun to tap the potential applications for it. Need to move some cattle? You could get the equivalent of seven TRUCKLOADS of cows in a small backpack. Just think, they could solve world hunger! Instead they're busy circle-jerking with cock-fights. But that does bring up another good question - why haven't we seen anybody try and keep a harem in them yet? I mean, it'd be the perfect storage medium for a dozen or so women in slave-Leia costumes, right? Not that I'm condoning that sort of thing, I'm just sayin...

Oh, as I was coloring this strip I had a synchronicity in which I suddenly discovered Dialogue Free Comics Day! I say synchronicity because my dialogue free comics are pretty infrequent and somehow I just happened to be making this one on the day (or day before?) the event, so, cool! You can see more dialogue free comics on the event site.

You'll definitely recognize someone else in this week's alternate ending, and he's not impressed! What else could Godzilla possibly fear? You'll have to vote and find out!

You know what else is scary? The Woohooligan Facebook Page. You should definitely like it 'cause, y'know, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Also I share some jokes on the Twitters.

Stay awesome, hooligans!
anonymous 22nd Jun 2013, 4:51 AM
existence of harems in pokeballs - look for pokegirls some stories are inappropriate for youths and children but the general idea is that some crazy scientist wiped out most life on earth and replaced it with generally humanoid anthropomorphic girls who are kept in pokeballs.
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