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Published: 28th Nov 2012, 8:09 PM

Fetish Forum 06 - Superheroes

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Jan 27: Thank you for all your help in the Webtoons contest! Thanks to all your help, within a day or two of the end of the contest, Woohooligan was still amongst the top 5% rated! :D Results of the competition will be announced in a few days at midnight on Jan 30. I suspect my LOL Rat submission won't be announced as a winner, not because it wasn't a great entry, just because there was a lot of competition and LOL Rat didn't get as many favorites or social media shares as many of the other similarly-rated strips. So you guys have really helped me see that I'm in a good place with Woohooligan, making the comics better every week! Maybe in another year or two, I'll be at that level where I might win this kind of contest. :D

If this is the first you're hearing of the contest and you've read through the Woohooligan archive, you can see the extra comics I made just for the contest over at the Webtoons site.

Stay Awesome, Hooligans!

Let's Chat!

woohooligan 28th Nov 2012, 8:09 PM
woohooligan I had a lot of fun at AnimeFest in September! :D While I was there I sat in on this late-night, 18+ panel titled "A frank and honest discussion of our sexual fetishes", and as you might imagine I came away from it with a lot of comic material. ;P

This week! In this particular case we were all talking about BDSM and a woman said that the thing she liked most about it was the sense of fashion. I suppose I could have taken that all kinds of places. There could have been a cat walk with chains and ball-gags. There could have been a heated argument about the best color of rubber for but-plugs. The possibilities are really endless!

I went with this because it tied in nicely with the previous comic and after all, who really knows more about BDSM than superheroes? You gotta know Bruce Banner is all about angry fucking. Black Widow? Tell me you didn't get wood during the interrogation scene in the Avengers! And that's not even getting into the Punisher, Spawn and Ghost Rider! But if you really want to talk bondage, none of them can lay a finger on Spider Man! He's constantly spewing that sticky goo all over the villains... not to mention the webs!

Two questions:
1) Who's your favorite superhero?
2) What's your favorite superhero costume?

My all-time favorite superhero makes a cameo appearance in today's alternate ending, but he doesn't have my favorite costume.

To be honest there are a lot of costumes I think are really slick. I'm not sure if I could pick a favorite. Granted, there are also an awful lot of hideous costumes out there: the Flash, Superman (underwear over your pants? really?), Captain America (what's with the giant A on your forehead? You got a 5th grade spelling bee later?), etc...

To be honest I think there are probably more hideous costumes than cool ones. But for cool costumes, Mystique is definitely high on the list. I liked Phoenix and both of Storm's costumes -- the classic as well as the 80's punk with the white mohawk! Gotta love a chick with a mohawk!

And obviously Iron Man, but to be honest, I kind of think that's cheating. I mean, an Abrams tank might be really cool, but it doesn't qualify as a "costume", even if you do paint it red and gold. Same thing with the Teen Titans' Cyborg: cool prosthesis man, but your forearm doesn't qualify as part of your "costume".

The Teen Titans did have one very cool costume though in Nightwing and despite the bright orange that sticks out like a sore thumb, I've still always loved the costume of their arch-enemy, Deathstroke.

So who're your favorite hero (or villain) costumes?

Stay awesome, hooligans!
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Unka John 30th Nov 2012, 12:17 AM
Unka John Hey, there's always the peacock feather butt plugs! Um, don't ask how I know that.
zangetsu675 30th Nov 2012, 4:03 AM
emo guy in back of room calls out: - try this one on for size you shrink in training:
gynophagia, dolcett and bdsm
Zach Ryan 3rd Dec 2012, 10:12 PM
I gotta go with the Keanu Constantine's Lucifer, as a favorite super hero, and his costume was posh and dapper as well!
woohooligan 4th Dec 2012, 12:21 AM
woohooligan Constantine was a fun film! :D And the white suit really worked for Lucifer.
Emmy 4th Dec 2012, 11:35 AM
Ultimately cat woman of course ;)) xx
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