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woohooligan Nov 13, 2012
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Yeah, my panel host kinda looks like Lex Luthor's gay twin brother. I guess that would make Lex the evil twin. ;P

I had a lot of fun at AnimeFest in September! :D While I was there I sat in on this late-night, 18+ panel titled "A frank and honest discussion of our sexual fetishes", and as you might imagine I came away from it with a lot of comic material. ;P

I liked the alternate ending better this week, but it takes the story in a different direction, so that's why I stuck with the Mystery Science Theater hecklers sitting in on the panel.

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Shelly Feb 9, 2013
EEEE, thank you for the MST3K reference! It made my day!!
woohooligan Feb 10, 2013
woohooligan Thanks, Shelly! Yeah, I like MST! :D
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